Ronald the Wreckless

Ronald the Wreckless

Race: Human
Occupation: Weapons Vendor
Place of Birth: Hempshadow Vale
Known Relatives: Mother (Unknown Name), Father (Unknown Name)
First Appearance: Neverending Nights – Episode 9: It’s Not The Size.
History: Ronald the Wreckless had a shady father, and as a result, grew up dealing with weapons – most of them illegal in nature. By the time Ronald was sixteen he was dealing with magical weapons that had been stolen and traded into the black market.

By the age of twenty, Ronald’s father had been imprisoned. Ronald delved deeper into the black market of weapons, in an attempt to raise some money that might be able to buy his father’s release.
Luck was not on Ronald’s side, however. Nothing he had gotten his hands on brought him enough money to pay off the guards to “convince” them to release his father.

One day, Ronald thought his luck had changed. A man strolled into town claiming that he had witnessed a great hero in battle, and watched him use a magical sword. He watched, until the hero struck down every last orc, before falling and dying himself.

The man showed Ronald the fiery weapon, and explained that it was extremely magical – and it would be insanely powerful in the right hands.

Ronald used every bit of money he had to purchase the fiery sword from the person. He, at first considered, using the sword to burst into the jail and free his father that way.
He realized, despite his normally wreckless behavior, this probably would not benefit either one. He then decided that he would sell the sword.

Several people bought it from him, and each time they returned it, claiming the sword did nothing.

Realizing he had probably been duped, Ronald simply sought to sell the sword for any low price – simply to be rid of it so it would not be a reminder of his failure to free his father.
Peter and Grayson came upon Ronald the Wreckless in the City of Stonefrost. This is where Ronald sold the sword to Grayson, and sold a non magical (but nice looking!) bow to Peter.

He spent another week or so in the City of Stonefrost, when on a crimson misty morning, he was approached by a beautiful woman who was asking for the very sword he had sold only a week ago.

Figuring she probably heard the stories of how it belonged to some great hero previously, he tried to sell her anything else – but she would not have it.

He eventually gave her the information she wanted – descriptions of the two he had sold the sword to. She then cut him and his body guard down, leaving him to die on the streets.

Height: 6’1
Weight: 201 lbs
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Sandy Blonde