Downloads: Construction (Should Be) Complete.


So “Construction” on the site should now be complete over in the Downloads area of the page. I’ve removed all the original versions of Neverending Nights (Seasons 1 through 3) as downloads, but the links to the Youtube and Facebook still remain. So, for now, there are a few “bonus” downloads still available, as well as Neverending Daze, and of course, the current project of the 1080p HD versions I am currently refilming. I had hoped to get this all done and have enough time to whip out an episode; but between all of that, and setting up the Christmas lights, there just wasn’t enough time.

For those of you that still care, still watch, I thank each and every one of you, because it’s been your energy that has spurred me on each time, to keep going, to keep the site up, to delve into the idea of doing 1080p versions of the episodes. Seriously. I cherish all of you, and I could never thank you enough.

  • Tawmis
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Downloads: Under Construction.


Okay, well, the site’s not really Under Construction. It’s actually just the download pages. As I previously reported, due to an ongoing debate with the website’s provider (despite the lack of murderous bandwidth), I am removing the original versions of the episodes from the website (the downloads). The links to Youtube and Facebook will remain. Also, the newer, 1080p versions will remain on the site as well (since that’s my main focus, is bringing this show to the highest and best resolution possible). There may will come a time, no doubt, that once all three seasons of the 1080p versions of the episodes are on the site, this entire debate will probably resume again.

So, while I work on removing the original versions and some other content (some of the bonus videos), just about everything is on our Youtube Channel or our Facebook page. I will post another update when I finish yanking all this stuff around.

  • Tawmis


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History Shall Be Undone.

Because of what’s been going on with our host provider, I am going to be removing the original versions of Neverending Nights and have the site focus primarily on only the 1080p HD versions I am currently remaking. So if you have any interest in downloading the original versions – please head over to the Non HQ Season 1 Page, Non HQ Season 2 Page, Non HQ Season 3 Page, and the Bonus Down Page and download whatever you would like. I will be taking down those videos by the end of this month (so you have two weeks). Once they’re down, I will combine the pages into one – and will make specific videos available on request in a temp location for folks who request them to download them, before purging them off the server again.

Everything is on our Youtube Channel, except for a lot of Bonus Content.  For example:

And all the episodes are also on our Facebook page in the videos section.


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