Delay of Episodes.

I am currently in a debate with the host provider, who says that we’re in violation of the User Agreement. This is the second time (last time, it happened back in 2011), because they’re seeing large files on the site (the episodes), and I have had to explain again that it’s for the online show – and that the large files are video files of the show. So, it’s been on hold (can’t upload anything, until they resolve it). If they do not allow it, I will be changing host providers (for all my sites, since they’re all currently with this same host provider).

Hang tight, kids.
– Tawmis

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Neverending Nights – Episode 22 – HD – This is ‘Dragon’ On Too Long.

EPISODE 22: THIS IS ‘DRAGON’ ON TOO LONG: Peter and Grayson have stormed the Dragon of Ator’s den to confront him, slay him, and become the greatest heroes the City of Neverending has ever heard of. Unfortunately, things do not go as smoothly as they had planned after storming through the Dragon’s front gates…

Episode 22 (HD) 1080p – (451 MB) NEW!
Episode 22 (HD) Youtube NEW!
Episode 22 (HD) Facebook NEW!

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Neverending Nights – Episode 21 – Accumulation (HD)

EPISODE 21: ACCUMULATION: Peter and Grayson finally build up the courage to face the Dragon of Ator! But not before they decide they need to solidify their courage with a little bit of Liquid Courage… However, when Peter and Grayson arrive – they take notice to the two heroes in the Yellow and Blue armor that they saw back at the City of Neverending – and ponder if these two heroes are here to kill the dragon that they’re going to slay, to become rich and famous! Things unfold quickly, and we get to see several other characters – including the fate of Pawl the Dorf after meeting his mysterious (and extremely violent) “Mountain Cousins.”

Episode 21 (HD) 1080p – (861 MB) NEW!
Episode 21 (HD) Youtube NEW!
Episode 21 (HD) Facebook NEW!

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