Neverending Nights – Episode 30 (HD) – Good Elf, Bad Elf?

EPISODE 30: GOOD ELF, BAD ELF?: Peter and Grayson (and the frequently vanishing Pawl the Dorf) now find themselves stuck between some questionable looking elves, and the murderous dwarves who killed Pawl the Dorf and turned him into a ghost. With nowhere to go – the trio is forced to hide – while Andrea the Assassin and her team are hot on their heels!

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To begin filming Episode 30…

After several weeks of business travel, I am finally back to resume filming the 1080p version of Neverending Nights. And what episode do I come back, just in time to refilm? Episode 30… There is no episode, throughout the entire series, that has plagued me more than Episode 30 of the 65 episodes of this series. The giant war between Duegar and Drow that happens in this episode is painful to script, because there’s so many different elements to keep track of. I have rebuild the entire scene from the original, and about to do the scripts again to film this wide scene war between these two races. Wish me luck on maintaining my sanity…

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Episode 30 Scripting Nightmares – Those Nasty Dwarves!

And when the scripting goes wrong and our would be heroes get too close to those nasty little dwarves…

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Neverending Nights – Episode 29 (HD) – The Plan.

EPISODE 29: THE PLAN: Andrea and Daniel are hot on the trail of our two would be (and utterly lost) heroes, Peter and Grayson! Andrea and Daniel, along with their hired minion of goblins, have just arrived to the City of Ator!

Episode 29 (HD) 1080p – (431 MB) NEW!
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