Neverending Nights – Episode 21 – Accumulation (HD)

EPISODE 21: ACCUMULATION: Peter and Grayson finally build up the courage to face the Dragon of Ator! But not before they decide they need to solidify their courage with a little bit of Liquid Courage… However, when Peter and Grayson arrive – they take notice to the two heroes in the Yellow and Blue armor that they saw back at the City of Neverending – and ponder if these two heroes are here to kill the dragon that they’re going to slay, to become rich and famous! Things unfold quickly, and we get to see several other characters – including the fate of Pawl the Dorf after meeting his mysterious (and extremely violent) “Mountain Cousins.”

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Neverending Nights – Episode 20 – HD – Variety is the Spice of Life… And Death.

EPISODE 20: VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE… AND DEATH: This episode, Grayson begins to doubt his own heroic abilities, and Peter seems to grow increasingly more confident about confronting the Dragon that lives within the caves just behind the City of Ator. The episode also follows Andrea the Assassin and Daniel the Destructive, as they continue to track down both Peter and Grayson; taking a short cut to the fabled Plains of Desolation. And finally, we return to see where Pawl the Dorf is at in those goblin caves… having been wandering around so long… he’s actually gone much deeper than he ever expected… but that should be fine, because lo’ and behold, he finds other Dwarves. What could go wrong?

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Neverending Nights – Episode 19 – HD – A Little Magic.

EPISODE 19: A LITTLE MAGIC: This episode introduces Daniel the Destructive (a role, that was originally intended for Alan the Astounding, however the actor was unable to commit to finishing the series; so Daniel the Destructive was created to replace him). This episode immediately establishes the kind of personality that Daniel the Destructive has (which is quite different than Alan the Astounding!), and the episode also focuses on Andrea the Assassin. We are given a clue as to why she’s hunting down Peter and Grayson – and more particularly the sword that they have. We also meet Andrea’s “mother” – and get wind of something called ‘The Crimson Draco Legion.’ This episode is essentially setting up Season 2.

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