We’ve lost one of our own.

I learned that this weekend, we lost Adam’s father.

Adam’s father was a lot like Adam; he was just a great person to be around, wonderful heart, kind, caring – loved Christmas.

It’s been quite a few years since I’ve seen him (probably since Adam moved out of San Diego).

Just thought I’d share these two images from back in 2003 (this was from Adam’s birthday) where you can see Adam’s father.

Adam & his father, 2003.
Adam’s father & Adam, 2003

God Speed, sir. You will be missed.

  • Tawmis & Amiee
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Neverending Nights – Episode 59 (HD) – These Are My Confessions

#NeverendingNights #Machinima #NWN #Neverwinter #NeverwinterNights
Pawl the Dorf and Andrea – wait – is that Andrea? She now goes by Ruth the Redeemed – walk down the path and discuss why she rescued Pawl, and where Grayson is (she doesn’t really care about Peter). Ruth reveals a startling secret about the Blade… and the infamous Dragon of Silver Lake…
Episode 59 (HD) 1080p – (812MB) NEW!
Episode 59 (HD) Youtube NEW!
Episode 59 (HD) Facebook NEW!

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Neverending Nights – Episode 58 (HD) – VisionQuest

#NeverwinterNights #NeverendingNights #Machinima
Peter and Grayson, with the help of Amiee the Armorer meet Awyer the Astral Traveler to unlock the Riddle – and in doing so – embark on perhaps the most unusual adventure to date!
Episode 58 (HD) 1080p – (1.83 GB) NEW!
Episode 58 (HD) 1080p With Subtitles – (1.83 GB) NEW!
Episode 58 (HD) Youtube NEW!
Episode 58 (HD) With Subtitles Youtube NEW!
Episode 58 (HD) Facebook NEW!
Episode 58 (HD) With Subtitles Facebook NEW!

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I am proud to announce, I was able to recover about 99% of the podcasts from the series, and I was only missing two of them – 114, which I could find no evidence of – anywhere – and 177, which I found evidence of, just couldn’t locate the file. With the help of Axe_Edge I learned there never was a 114 – 115 was technically 114, but accidentally named as 115 and they just kept proceeding with the numbering. And pturner20 was able to get 177 over to me – and Brian Bloom was able to get me the few others that I had been missing – finally completing the collection of the podcast episodes!

Note: We had nothing to do with the NWN Podcast, other than appear in two episodes (and graciously mentioned in a few others by the hosts) – but the NWN Podcast was a pretty big deal in uniting the NWN Community members, so when the podcast ended (at 200), and the site eventually went away – I wanted to recover and restore the files for historical purposes. And have finally managed to do so!

Click the banner to visit the NWN Podcast page here on Neverending Nights!
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Neverending Nights – Episode 57 (HD) – Pawn of the Dead

#NeverwinterNights #Machinima
Amiee the Armorer has gathered information about the Forge of Eternal Flame and the next steps for getting Grayson’s magical sword reignited to complete it’s final quest… however, things won’t be so easy.

Episode 57 (HD) 1080p – (403 MB) NEW!
Episode 57 (HD) Youtube NEW!
Episode 57 (HD) Facebook NEW!

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