Bloom Furryfoot

Bloom Furryfoot


Race: Halfling

Occupation: Rogue (Please note she hates, hates, hates being called “Thief”), Adventurer

Place of Birth: Gem Valley

Known Relatives: Mother (Unknown Name), Father (Unknown Name)

First Appearance: Neverending Daze – Episode 01: The Real Daze

There are two words that will sum up Bloom’s personality, as well as her life. Survival and bored. Bloom Furryfoot has spent most of her life being bored, until the day she saw someone pick pocketing another individual. The individual’s lack luster attempt at pick pocketing was discovered by the intended victim – and Bloom watched as the would be victim chased the pick pocket for block and blocks. This is when Bloom thought to herself – that would be a cure for her boredom. If she went around pick pocketing people, there was always a risk involved that she just might get caught – or even chased for blocks on end. That notion appealed to Bloom, so she began pick pocketing. It wasn’t long before she had mastered that and moved to stealing items from stores and vendors. She had even managed to master that. So she kicked it up a notch. She thought, “Why do I break into the King’s throne and treasure room?” Using the various skills she had picked up and developed on the streets, Bloom was hiding in shadows, clubbing officers in the back of the head from the dark, scaling walls, detecting traps, and essentially doing what she had set out to do – until she reached the treasure room. Her gut feeling told her not to pick up the gem – she knew it was trapped. But she did it anyway. And it sprung the alarm. Something told Bloom she wanted the alarm to go off because she had gotten so far with very little challenge. Through amazing skill and grace, she managed to evade being captured. Now, there isn’t a town that Bloom won’t go and try to rob the king or mayor, or whatever person is in power, with the most amount of security. She was scoping out the king in the City of Daze, when she heard about the “reality show” and thought it might prove a bigger challenge to steal from other adventurers – so she joined up, hoping the dwarf at The Local Inn (once again, yes that’s the name of the Inn) would not be joining (he had been hitting on her all night long)…

Height: 4’5”

Weight: 110 lbs.

Eyes: Purple

Hair: Black

Rapier of Stealth. This, like most of the others, is probably not a magic weapon. Just a fancy name given to it by Bloom Furryfoot.