Ettin the Exiled

Ettin the Exiled

Race: Ettin
Occupation: Guardian
Place of Birth: Stonefrost Peak
Known Relatives: Mother (Unknown), Father (Unknown)
First Appearance: Episode Thirty Seven: ‘Crime Does Not Pay’
History: Ettin is actually nothing more than a giant born with two heads. His larger head was named Ed, his smaller head named Tiny. He was eventually nicknamed to Ed-tin, which evolved through mispronunciation of his name to ‘Et-tin’ or just ‘Ettin.’ Little did the Giants know that this was not just any ordinary misfit child; several of the Giants began giving birth to these two headed giants. They dubbed them ‘Ettin’ named after the first one born. Initially, the Giants thought these children would prove favorable (having heard the human phrase, “Two heads are better than one”). However, it became very obvious to the Giants that these Ettins – despite having two heads – were not twice as smart. Ettins became exiled among the Giant community and learned to live on their own.

Despite their lack of intelligence, many found one good use for Ettins – guards. Their dual heads made them extremely observant, and very difficult to sneak by – becoming the bane of many Rogues who sought treasures. Of course, the Ettins were not that difficult to out smart – but most who employed Ettins counted on their fearsome appearance to prevent anyone from trying to reason with such a vicious looking monster.

Ettin, the First of the Ettins, had been the one that encountered Peter and Grayson – guarding a bridge that crossed the Sundered Belt. When each head (Ed and Tiny) began arguing, Peter, Grayson and Pawl (in Minotaur form) passed the Ettin with ease. The same trick that Andrea, Daniel, Albert, Bob and Charlie would do a little while later, pursing Peter and Grayson.

Ettin The Exiled still guards that very same bridge at the Sundered Belt.

Eyes: Hazel (on Ed’s Head), Brown (on Tiny’s Head)
Hair: None, Both Heads Are Bald.


WEAPON: Ettin the Exiled carries a club and a sword that he could easily smite someone with.