Dink the Goblin

Dink the Goblin

Race: Goblin
Occupation: Former Dancer, Would Be Destroyer of Worlds, Adventurer
Place of Birth: Stonemountain Caves
Known Relatives: Mother (Unknown Name), Father (Unknown Name)
First Appearance: (Seen) Neverending Nights – Episode Nine: It’s Not the Size; (Named in) Neverending Nights – Episode Eleven: Deep, Dark, Revenge (This Is How We Roll)
History: Like all goblins from Stonemountain, Dink grew up a dancer. But that’s where Dink’s story varies. Dink wasn’t content being a dancer. Like his friend, Charlie, Dink always wanted something more out of life. But Dink didn’t fantasize about adventure and treasure; rather Dink fantasized about wielding powerful magic. One day, a small Halfling by the name of Alan (“The Astounding!”) had ventured into the goblin caves of Stonefrost. Dink had watched him cautiously, unsure of the Halfling’s intentions. When the Halfling suddenly collapsed, Dink rushed to his side. Believing that the Halfling was dying, Dink began to ask the Halfling, who by his glowing staff, was clearly a wizard of some kind, about magic. The Halfling’s words were difficult to understand – Dink assumed, because the Halfling was losing motor functions and his brain was shutting down. In truth, however, Alan was merely so intoxicated that he was on the verge of passing out again.

When the Halfling passed out, Dink took Alan’s staff and pouch, and swore that he would learn magic in Alan’s honor. He returned back to tell Albert, Bob, Charlie and Ellen – who wanted Dink to take them back to where the Halfling had died, so they could dispose of the body – only to discover, the Halfling’s body was gone. Despite the lack of blood, or proof otherwise, the goblins assumed that bugbears (or trolls) had devoured the dead Halfling.

Dink had tried to learn magic from the book he had found in the Halfling’s pouch; but Dink’s limited intelligence often prevented him from completing the sentences properly that were required to cast most spells. Still, this didn’t stop Dink from trying to learn magic. Every night on Bridge Watch, Dink would cease paying attention to his surroundings and continue his attempts at casting spells.

Dink even ventured into Stonefrost City to the Mage Store there – Karn & Foible and picked up “Magic For Idiots” book. Still this did little to further Dink’s quest to learn magic. During one of his turns on Bridge Watch, Dink was approached by a Dwarf who sought to cross the bridge. Dink informed him, the only way to cross the bridge was to Dance – and that the Dwarf, however unlikely, would have to dance better than Dink. Well, as it turned out the Dwarf – Pawl the Dorf – happened to be classically trained in dance, having been raised by humans; and all those months of Dink studying magic made him a weaker dancer; granting Pawl, and his two companions, Peter and Grayson, safe passage across the bridge.

When Dink didn’t return from Bridge Watch, Albert, Bob and Charlie went to the Bridge to find him panting and wheezing for breath. After asking Dink what had happened, they brought him back to the Goblin Dance Floor and put Ellen the Goblin on Bridge Watch.

Unbeknownst to Dink and the others, things were set in motion that day that would change all of their lives.

Albert, Bob and Charlie would end up encountering Andrea the Assassin (the name she was going by at the time) and Daniel the Destructive as the duo were pursuing Peter and Grayson. Andrea the Assassin forcibly recruited the assistance of the Goblin trio with the use of Daniel the Destructive’s magic. Along the way, the trio of goblins complained and conspired to escape Andrea the Assassin’s ruthless control. Eventually, Ellen and Dink the Goblin were also recruited into Andrea the Assassin’s growing army of goblins. Dink and Ellen, however, met an untimely demise when Evil Foo killed them just to show how “evil” she was.

Andrea the Assassin, however, in turn, killed Evil Foo for what she had done – not that she cared about either Ellen or Dink, but mostly because the smaller army inconvenienced her. This, however, convinced the other three goblins to remain with Andrea the Assassin, until she finally caught up with Peter the Ranger and Grayson the Fighter in the home of the Crimson Dragon. In the confusion, the trio (Albert, Bob and Charlie) escaped and attempted to return home; only to discover their home had fallen under a new Goblin King, who had a glowing red sword and suspiciously glowing eyes. Suspecting that magic was involved, the trio investigated further – and discovered a bugbear (or perhaps a troll – that is still up for debate!) – had disguised itself and over thrown the original king. The three goblins were imprisoned and sentenced to death – only to be rescued by Ellen (whom they had resurrected off screen!)

But even Dink’s death was highly over exaggerated. As it turned out, when Dink was killed by Evil Foo – the Staff captured his soul within its crystal. So now Dink is an extremely powerful weapon, just waiting to take over somebody’s body. As the staff laid there for several days, lo and behold it was finally picked up by someone – someone Dink had felt a connection to. It had been the Hafling who died in the caves – Alan the Astounding! Only now, with Dink able to read Alan’s blurry mind as soon as Alan touched the staff – did Dink realize that Alan had not perished in the caves, as he first thought. Instead, the Halfling had merely passed out from being intoxicated. (That, Dink thought, in hindsight, would explain the over powering smell of Tokillyuh – a powerful drink made by trolls – on Alan’s person. Dink tried, repeatedly to take over Alan’s mind and body; but the Halfling remained too drunk to get a hold of his mind. That very same night, Alan sold the Staff at a pawn shop in order to have money to buy more drinks.

Dink’s current fate and whereabouts remain unknown.

Eyes: Black
Hair: None

STAFF: Dink has what is undoubtedly a magical staff, but has no idea how to use it.