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Neverending Nights
EPISODE 43: “Got Time To Kill?”
Writer’s Note: After two years, Neverending Nights finally returns. With this episode – our heroes find themselves somewhere… and they have no memory how they got there! Someone close by provides some clues as to what may have happened. Have our heroes finally done? Could it be true? Are they heroes? Is this the first and final episode of Season 3? Watch the video and see! Eagle eyed viewers may even notice something more unusual than the fact that Peter and Grayson have no memory of how they got where they are…
BONUS VIDEO: In Episode 43, Peter mentions being lost “in the City.” This event is based off an actual event that happened in 2005 in New York City, during the Machinima Film Festival. The audio used to make this bonus feature was ripped right from the video that Amanda Watkins had filmed of us wandering around NYC looking for somewhere to eat. The entire night (everything from being a part of the 2005 Machinima Film Festival to hanging out and getting to know Amanda & Reece Watkins and Ben Grussi impacted us of Neverending Nights beyond measure. I knew I had to write it into the final season. So the reference Peter makes is to that night. And here’s the audio of that night made into a machinima piece. Download it here.

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Neverending Nights
EPISODE 44: “Seeing the Unseen”
Writer’s Note: This episode features the debut of Daniel Rouk in the Neverending Nights machinima series. Interesting note that I met Daniel Rouk through Lindsay Archer, but have yet to meet him in person. This is Daniel’s first venture into the Machinima world and I was definitely glad to include him in our series. In this episode, Peter and Grayson try to figure out how to escape from their current jail cell… but as they begin talking… they learn that they’re not alone. There’s someone else in their jail cell!

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Neverending Nights
EPISODE 45: “A Friend In Need.”
Writer’s Note: This Episode brings in Travis A. Richard’s to do a new part. Travis, normally our music master for Neverending Nights, who previously voiced the father of Peter and Grayson, returns to do the lines of Dimi the Bard (and his “friend” Steve). The character of Dimi was created by Travis on the Neverending Nights forum contest, in which we asked our viewers to come up with characters to appear in the third season of Neverending Nights. I figured it was only fitting that Travis be the one to voice of the character he created. This episode also brings into question Grayson’s sexuality and sexual performance issues (if there are any!) What happens next is chaos. Insanity is beginning to settle in on our dynamic duo…

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Neverending Nights
EPISODE 46: “Dude, Where’s My Sword?”
Writer’s Note: Peter and Grayson begin to piece together what happened in those last few moments when they confronted the Red Dragon of the Crimson Draco Legion and discovered they had the same father… However, in recalling everything that happened that led them to the point of them being imprisoned by the Crimson Draco Legion’s Soldiers… Grayson recalls something about it all – something that frightens him more than being stuck in prison with Peter for the rest of his natural life! Now that Grayson remembers – the question remains – how will they escape from their prison?

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Neverending Nights
EPISODE 47: “A New Hope.”
Writer’s Note: Peter and Grayson prepare to make a jailbreak… but clearly these two couldn’t pull this off on their own. So who is going to help him? Well, someone we haven’t seen in awhile makes a return! Also, this episode features Stephen Crouch, who takes over as the voice actor of Pawl the Dorf. (That’s right… We also get to see Pawl the Dorf in this episode!) The new “quest” for our heroes is given in this episode … and who… or what is the “final blow” that Grayson’s sword is meant to slay? And will they succeed in doing it? Hang on folks, because the beginning of the end has only just begun!

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Neverending Nights
EPISODE 48: “The Assassin Strikes Back!”
Writer’s Note: This is the real debut of Stephen Crouch as the new “Pawl the Dorf.” The original voice actor declined to return for the third and final season, so Stephen Crouch was selected as a replacement. While I think it’s difficult to replace the originality that we created for the “Pawl the Dorf” character – when I asked Stephen to do it, I simply told him, “Just have fun with it. Do what you want. This is about having fun, and seeing this to the end. Give it a Piratey/Scottish/Irish accent – but don’t worry about trying to sound like Paul. Sound like how you think he should sound now!”
And I think you can really tell that Stephen jumped in and had a blast with the character. The way he enunciates some of the things – and how he “mutters” other parts – just really drove it home for me. I mean I could barely keep my eyes dry when he said, “Well for starters, you can fall on your own sword!” The mutters, almost beneath his breath (and still keeps the amazing accent) and adds the line, “That should get things off to a good start.” I mean, when I wrote that line, I naturally envisioned Paul reading that line – and heard it in my head – as one long sentence. But the way Stephen brought that influx of difference between the announcement, and then muttered it – made that line golden.
I also believe that you can tell that Amanda was a lot more comfortable in front of the mic this season, now that she had some experience from the previous season! Her voice really shines with quality! This episode right here – hearing all of this come together, is what I have missed. We have created something amazing here – and we’re marching towards the end! But what a great end it’s going to be! But that’s getting ahead of ourselves! Sit back and enjoy the episode! I know I certainly did!

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Neverending Nights
EPISODE 49: “The Return of the Goblins!”
Writer’s Note: It had to happen sooner or later – the Goblins make their debut into Season 3. Something interest to note – Neverending Nights has a fairly huge viewership outside of the United States (why this is so, I am not entirely certain). But several people from “Across The Pond” have noted that they have had a difficult time understanding the goblins in Season 1 and Season 2, though they still found them funny just because of how the voices sounded. So for Season 3, I reduced the pitch from 150% down to 140% (for the males) and reduced the female (Ellen) down even further, to 130% (so that she at least sounded remotely female). Several people reported still having difficulty understanding the goblins, so the script for that specific episode was posted on the forum so folks could read what is being said. This episode also marks the return of Alan the Astounding. As noted previously, Daniel’s role in Season 2 was originally slated to be Alan the Astounding (seeking revenge on Peter and Grayson for theft of one of his possessions) which is why he was to be sympathetic to Andrea’s cause (who claimed her sword had been stolen). The actor who voice Alan the Astounding could not schedule recordings later in Season One, when we needed him so Daniel the Destructive was created to fulfill the rest of the role for Season 1 and all of Season 2. Now, Chad Yantos, who voiced Alan the Astounding, agreed to come back so that we could properly wrap up his storyline.

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Neverending Nights
EPISODE 50: “Destiny or Chance?”
Writer’s Note: This one is a quick, short episode. It’s pretty much a “set up” episode – setting up the next few episodes, as well as telling the over all main quest that will be the center of attention for Season 3. The note of “Destiny or Chance” is a reference to my good friend Lindsay Archer. A long time ago, she and I wrote a story about two characters – Lyra and Helm. Lyra had a horse by the name of “Destiny” (named after Lindsay’s horse) and Helm had a dog by the name of “Chance.”

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Neverending Nights
EPISODE 51: “Wanted: Dead Or Alive.”
Writer’s Note: As if the luck of our heroes couldn’t get any worse… It would seem that the Crimson Draco Legion has beat our heroes to the nearest city, Pomtom. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, it would seem like someone our heroes trusted may have actually set this up all along…!

This episode was fun to film. I enjoyed adding the “Wanted” poster into this episode, which was actually just a screen shot made to look like a part of the actual scene.

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Neverending Nights
EPISODE 52: “These Aren’t The Heroes We’re Looking For.”
Writer’s Note: This was a fun episode to put together… Because I enjoyed setting it up as though at the end of Episode 51, that Amiee the Armorer has betrayed Peter and Grayson – when in truth – if you look carefully – when she talks to them – when she says, “Then I shouldn’t delay…” (at the end of Episode 51) – she’s looking inside the city, and spots Gariff and Kabewse, two knights who have been following Peter and Grayson around since very early on in Season One! This episode originally did not contain the scene between Amiee the Armorer, Ann the Armorer and Ed the Engraver; that entire scene was written up last minute to expand on the episode and show where Amiee the Armorer gets the replica armor of the Knights. This episode was the debut performance by Jason and Colette Cosky. I was very glad to include them in this series. We had a riot (as the out takes will show) recording the episode! An interesting note – originally when I started Season 3, I was unable to get a hold of Adam Freese, so I was going to have Jason take over the role of Grayson the Fighter and Colette take over the role of Andrea the Assassin/Ruth the Redeemed!

This episode was fun to film. I enjoyed adding the “Wanted” poster into this episode, which was actually just a screen shot made to look like a part of the actual scene.

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Neverending Nights
EPISODE 53: “Forging Destiny.”
Writer’s Note: Peter and Grayson got some new armor in the previous episode, and I put it to a poll if they should keep that armor. Folks voted that they should (as it was a logical progression). Somewhat surprised, I went with it – and made the armor a little more “flashy” than it was previously but kept the heavy armor set otherwise the same! This episode also gives our would be heroes the next piece to the puzzle that is needed to fix Grayson’s magical sword – and the fate of the Blade of Destiny is revealed as to what it was truly made to do…

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Neverending Nights
EPISODE 54: “Back By (Somewhat) Popular Demand.”
Writer’s Note: This episode is mostly filler episode. I wanted a chance to go back to Alan the Astounding, and kind of focus on him for a bit. He was a character from the first season that was supposed to carry on into the second season, but due to scheduling conflicts, he was unable to do so (and thus Daniel the Destructive was created to take his place). Now able to return to the fold, I wanted to pick up the story that was originally laid out for Alan the Astounding (him wanting his magical coin purse back to resume his endless drinking!) In this episode he meets Diane the Drinker (who is voiced by Sara Graham-Cadena … who, among NeN fans should be more famous (infamous?) as the person who invented the “That Kicks Rocks!” saying that became so popular in the series!) You might want to hang out past the credits on this episode… since it was a filler episode… I wanted to add something at the end for some extra laughs!

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Neverending Nights
EPISODE 55: “All Time ‘Lowe.’ ”
Writer’s Note: This episode is very special to me. Since I knew this was the final season of Neverending Nights – I figured I’d go all out. I’d ask people who were icons to me – and helped me shape the person I am today. This episode features Al Lowe. (And thus the clever title of ‘All Time Lowe.’) If you’re wondering who Al Lowe is – you either lived under a rock during the 80’s – or you weren’t born yet. (Sad how frequently the latter is true these days… signifying how old I am getting!) At any rate, Al Lowe is responsible for a great many games – but the one he is most famous (or is that infamous?) for would be none other than the Leisure Suit Larry series. To say the Larry Laffer, and the rest of the Sierra Online games, had an impact on me – would perhaps be a very, very, very big understatement. Sierra Online games (Leisure Suit Larry, King’s Quest, Police Quest, Gabriel Knight, Quest for Glory, Space Quest, etc) really opened the doors for my creative mind in a brand new way. They are the reason my interest in computers spiked. And without a doubt, Al Lowe, creator of Leisure Suit Larry, helped shape, mold, and create the sense of humor I have today. Al Lowe knew how to be funny, without going over the top. He knew how to be dirty, but tasteful at the same time. He mastered humor. I have, since then, tried to follow those footsteps he walked (and those are some mighty big shoes!)… and a lot of that shows in this series. I tried to make the show about quick banter and dialogue, rather than big explosions and cuss words. I could spend the rest of my days saying thank you to Al Lowe, and it’d never be enough. But just in case – here’s one more – Thank you, Al Lowe.

Now, that said – this episode has Grayson pondering why Peter is getting all the women at the bar. Grayson bumps into Big Al and gets the advice of a life time…

This episode also introduces Jules Lieby, who ironically, I would have never met had it not been for Sierra Online. Jules was a member of the Sierra forum, where I first got to know her, then later on my own forum and even on the Sierra Help Pages as well! I had the good fortune of meeting Jules when I went to visit in New Orleans – and was amazed to find that she is just as beautiful in person – both physically and mentally – as she was on the forums. Jules is one of the most down to Earth incredible people I have had the good fortune of meeting, and calling a friend forever.

One final note: A slightly altered version of this episode can be downloaded here.

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Neverending Nights
EPISODE 56: “Funkafied!”
Writer’s Note: This episode features another very special guest to me. This one is Greg Johnson. You may be asking yourself, “Who is Greg Johnson?” Well let me educate you in the ways of Greg Johnson’s Funkafied Fame! Greg Johnson is one half of the team that made the incredible series, “Toejam & Earl.” To say the outlandish humor and zanniness of this game was beyond amazing would be an understatement! I remember spending days on this game, especially with my good friends Tammy & Chuck Stevens! Greg is an extremely busy person, but he took a moment out of his hectic schedule to lend us a voice when I asked! I can’t thank Greg enough for doing this! So sit back and prepare to be Funkafied!

One final note: A slightly altered version of this episode can be downloaded here.

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Neverending Nights
EPISODE 57: “Pawn Of the Dead (… or ‘Grave Situation’… again)”
Writer’s Note: Neverending Nights – Episode 57 – Pawn of the Dead. Amiee the Armorer discovers some useful information and shares it with Peter and Grayson, sending them on their quest to reignite the Blade of Destiny. However, nothing is ever easy as Peter and Grayson discover that Amiee the Armorer didn’t exactly fill them in on some of the more… dangerous parts of the mission that lay between them and their goal.

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Neverending Nights
EPISODE 58: “VisionQuest”
Writer’s Note: Amiee the Armorer leads Peter the Ranger and Grayson the Fighter to Awyer the Astral Traveler to see if they can unlock the secret within their mind. Awyer has an interesting way of venturing into the Astral Plane… as they take a … trip… down memory lane. This episode features the deep, rumbling voice work of Charles (Chuck) Stevens who has been a childhood friend of mine since the 4th Grade! It was great being able to include Chuck into the series! While the episode makes usage of “taking mushrooms” – we’d like to point out that we do not use, condone, or even encourage the use of any form of illegal drug. This episode is a reference/nod to YOUNG GUNS in which they venture into “The Spirit World.” There is also a bonus portion to this episode which is a reference to a current viral video with the whole “Double Rainbow” thing (search for “Double Rainbow” if you have no idea what the bonus material is referencing…)

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Neverending Nights
EPISODE 59: “These Are My Confessions”
Writer’s Note: Pawl the Dorf and Ruth the Redeemed (formerly known as Andrea the Assassin) continue their quest to find Grayson the Fighter. Something I did different with this episode; most of the episodes are very stationary (with the camera switching between the characters during dialogue). NeN has always been about the dialogue; but I wanted to have some fun with this episode (and having an open range, like a forest) – was an excellent chance to have the characters walk and talk for the majority of the episode. This episode has one of my favorite jokes about the “Armrorer vs Smith” – as well as having Pawl the Dorf cite the majority of very popular dwarves during one of his dialogue pieces (namely Dragonlance and The Hobbit references).

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Neverending Nights
EPISODE 60: “But I’m A Lover, Not A Fighter”
Writer’s Note: This episodes the voice work of Alex Dartnall. If the name sounds familiar, it should. Especially if you have been watching Season 3 of Neverending Nights. Alex “Ashlann” Dartnall is who provided the latest version of the “Neverending Nights Theme Song” that is in the beginning of every episode of the third season. I had the good fortune of meeting Ashlann on the RedvsBlue forums way back in the day; we became good friends, and he even came out to the United States to visit, where I finally got to meet him in person! (Ladies… and you men out there!… don’t go swooning over his sexy Aussie accent! … and uh… I mean that in a total… non creepy… totally hetrosexual way… I promise, Alex!) Also in this episode, we have the voice debut of Matthew Stevens, the son of my life long friend, Charles Stevens (who did a voice for us in Episode 58: Vision Quest). The thing with Matthew, I barely remember him being born – but now he’s taller than I am! Where did all the time go? Seriously! This was a fun episode to put together. It features a pretty long battle montage – I wanted a chance to show off some of Travis Richard’s music (uninterrupted by our silly dialogue and such). Alternatively, I have made additional versions of the video available: Episode 60 – .MOV version – 165.60 MB and Episode 60 – HiRes – 1.37 GB. The .MOV is for those MAC users out there. And the HiRes is for anyone who has time to kill downloading it. To me the HiRes quality (video) – the difference between it and the “normal res” version is night and day. The HiRes version is far more beautiful. But not everyone can sit around and download a 1.37GB file.

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Neverending Nights
EPISODE 61: “Reunited And It Feels So Good… (Wait, Didn’t We Use That Title Last Season?!?)”
Writer’s Note: Our would be heroes are reunited with old friends… and meet new friends that help them thrust – quite drastically – our heroes closer to their goal to finding the Forge of Eternal Flame and putting an end to the questionable fate of the Dragon of Silver Lake! This is another special episode, for me – because it does reunite Pawl the Dorf and Ruth the Redeemed with Peter the Ranger, Grayson the Fighter, and Amiee the Armorer! I loved filming them together, because there’s a far more dramatic and drastic look of difference between all of them! Also, this episode introduces Tammy Stevens, the wife of Charles Stevens, and a very dear friend of mine as “Madame Marie” the psychic. It also introduces Charles and Tammy’s incredible daughter (whom I love with all of my heart as well!), Samantha Stevens as “Sam the Smith.” I really enjoyed the whole look and feel of this episode. The Episode 61 High Quality is available for download, just be aware it’s 1.4GB in size. The .MOV will be made available later.

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Neverending Nights
EPISODE 62: “The Forge of Eternal Flame.”
Writer’s Note: Grayson the Fighter, Peter the Ranger, Amiee the Armorer, Ruth the Redeemed and Pawl the Dorf reach The Forge of Eternal Flame. Learning what Pawl has from Sammy the Smith, Pawl must forge The Blade of Destiny anew as the heroes prepare for the ultimate and final battle against the fabled Dragon of Silver Lake. Is the Dragon of Silver Lake dead, like all the rumors say? Or is the Dragon Of Silver Lake alive, and luring heroes to their death with promises of massive treasure (from a dragon that many think is dead)! These questions will soon be answered; and everything will be made very clear – very soon! This episode, over all, is very short – as it centers on finding the Forge of Eternal Flame; so a large segment of out takes from Episode 61 and 62 was attached to the end of the episode. As always a normal version (WMV) of the video, which is 346MB can be downloaded by clicking the thumbnail of the image of the episode. The High Quality Version of the episode can be downloaded by clicking this link for a file size of 1.1GB.

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Neverending Nights
EPISODE 63: “The Fall of a Hero.”
Writer’s Note: This was – over all – a difficult episode to film. The combat scenes in Neverwinter Nights have the characters frequently moving about, from left to right, side to side – which will mean that sometimes, they will move in front of the “Camera Man” – or sometimes move where the mouse is – and thus “highlighting” the character in a bright blue aurora. There was also an issue where factions came into play – and some of the actors attacked one another. There was also Peter the Ranger casting all these magnificent spells, because the character had been leveled as an actual Ranger. Once all of that got taken care of – filming the rest of the episode was easily done. Of course, the entire episode pretty much consisted of combat – so there was a lot of additional filming done to see what I could and couldn’t use when it was all said and done. This episode reveals the secret of the Dragon of Silverlake and finally settles the rumor of whether it’s alive or dead. This episode also has a very tragic event happen. The video also consisted of a tribute to Kim Stankey at the end, who recently passed away from breast cancer. The entire video consisted of music by Travis “Snafe” Richards, including the tribute at the end for Kim that included a piece that Travis made entitled “Sunrise.” While the piece was not made for the memorial video – when I heard it – it was entirely too perfect not to use for the video.

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Neverending Nights
EPISODE 64: “The Rise of a Hero.”
Writer’s Note: This was a very difficult episode to do. Ideally I wanted a sequence of flash back memories that would lead all the way back up to the point where Grayson dies at the hand of the Dragon of Silverlake – and include several of the funnier moments between Peter and Grayson, as well as include every time their quest to kill a dragon was mentioned and every time the conflicting rumors of the Dragon of Silverlake was mentioned. When I did that, the episode was nearly 35 minutes in length, which I thought was entirely too excessive for machinima. So then I planned to do three different versions – one with no flash backs, one with a few flash backs, and an extended version that had most of the flash backs I wanted (which made it about 20 minutes long). I was happy with the episode in the end, because it really wraps up with it was crucial that it was known that Peter and Grayson were (half) brothers. The episode link above links to the version with no flashbacks – the other versions are listed below:

» Episode 64 (Youtube)
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Neverending Nights
EPISODE 65: “Epic-Logue.”
Writer’s Note: At long last, the Episode that wraps it all up! Grayson, Ruth and Amiee all talk at the bar – and get a surprise visit from someone while they’re there! But where’s Peter the Ranger? Outside, where a Ranger should be! But why is he outside if everyone is inside celebrating the opening of The Bar Of Destiny? Well, you will have to watch the episode to find out what’s going on there! And when the episode ends – be sure to hang tight – there’s an epilogue segment that discusses where some of the characters have ended up at the conclusion of the series!

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