The Announcer



Race: Tiefling

Occupation: (Would Be) Reality Television Host

Place of Birth: Emteavie

Known Relatives: Mother (Unknown Name), Father (Unknown Name)

First Appearance: Neverending Daze – Episode 01: The Real Daze

History: There are times in one’s life when it feels like you’re waking up from a bad dream. For Announcer, his life was always a bad dream – and he was always praying that one day he would wake up from this perpetual nightmare. At the age of sixteen, this plane touched Tiefling realized that there was no ‘waking up’ from the nightmare. The life he had been living – if it could be called that – was indeed his life, not some twisted nightmare. Forgoing his real name, he took on the name ‘Announcer’ and sought out a way to show that there were others like him, who were doing miserable in life. Through a wizard contact, he realized that people could tune in via their magical, crystal balls and watch the lives of others being miserable! What better way to make oneself feel better than to see someone that is suffering more than you? So Announcer took this project from the ground up and his ‘reality show’ has been a huge success ever since.

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 196 lbs.

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blond

Skin: Dark Red

A “Film” Crew.