Bonus Downloads

There’s a few extra videos that we made during our time when we first began this journey of Neverending Nights. Here’s just some of them.

Neverending Skool Daze – This was done for a class project for Poppy (The Salt Vendor!) who wanted to use Machinima and the existing characters of Neverending Nights? to be a part of the video that would be shown to the class. The following is some of the out takes from that recording session so many years ago…
You can Right Click and SAVE AS on … this link for the Full version – Uncensored (in Outtakes) (75MB), but there’s also the Full Version – Censored Outtakes (once again, simply Right Click and SAVE AS) – that version is 70MB. (Apparently swearing takes up 5MB! Who knew?)

If you want just the Outtakes – Right Click, SAVE AS The Outtakes File (Uncensored) which is 13MB in size, while the Censored Outtakes (Right Click, SAVE AS…) is 14MB (Apparently this time, censoring it, added 1MB… who can figure this out?)

There’s also the “Class Presented” version – which has the intro and closing statement, and is missing the hilarious outtakes. You can get that one here – Class Presented Skool Daze (Right Click, SAVE AS…) – This one is 55MB!

Now with that out of the way, there’s also quite a bit more…

Neverending Nights

NeN Screened @ The 2005 Machinima Awards Show

NeN 2006 Intro Submission – This is the submission we entered to be used at the Machinima Festival (in between videos) – we did not get nominated in 2006 for anything. Just made this for them to use.

2005 Submission – This was our submission for the 2005 Film Festival.

NeN 2005 Intro – This was the intro video only for the 2005 Machinima Film Festival.

Props from Paul – This is when we got props from Paul (who spearheaded the whole Machinima Film Festival)!

Neverending Nights


NeN Live – This video was always described as “Why we do Machinima and not live acting!” We parody ourselves throughout the video (as well as the emotes within Neverwinter Nights).

NeN And The Movies On Air – There was an incredible tool that I never got around to using called THE MOVIES (it was a “game” made specifically to make machinima). Even though we didn’t use the tool ourselves, the cool guys of THE MOVIES ON AIR (TMOA) wanted to do an interview with us! This is a long interview, but a great time!

The MP3 files Part 1 of The Movies On Air with Tawmis & Adam and Part 2 of The Movies on Air with Tawmis & Adam.

Q&A I: NeN Style – We did a Q&A that stretched across a few sites and forums. This was incredibly fun to do. Lots of random funniness to be found here.

Q&A II: Just For You – This is one of those times where the success of the first one did not carry over to the second one. We did another Q&A, but I think we tried too hard. Nowhere near as fun or funny as the original.

Neverending Nights

Lost footage of Q&A II – Lost footage. Nuff said. Mostly because I don’t know how this ended up on a different tape…



A Memorial for Kim. Gone entirely too soon. She lived more in the one week I knew her, than most people I know.

Neverending Nights


Side Quest: We’re Going To Be Infamous – Made specifically for our slot in PC GAMER UK.

Side Quest: What’s Love Got To Do With It? – Ancient video we did discussing Valentine’s Day.