Awyer the Astral Traveler

Awyer the Astral Traveler

Race: Human
Occupation: Survivalist, Herbalist, Druid of Dark Wood
Place of Birth: Dark Wood
Known Relatives: Mother (Unknown Name), Father (Unknown Name)
First Appearance: Episode Fifty-Eight: ‘VisionQuest’
History: Awyer was left with brigands by his mother at birth. While a caravan that she had been a part of was traveling through The Dark Wood, it was attacked by brigands. One of those brigands had impregnated her and kept her as a prison for several months. Even when it was clear that she was pregnant, the brigands kept her around. One night when they had gotten so drunk that they could barely stand, she knew she could make her get away – however, the child she had just given birth to, several weeks before (Awyer), was fast asleep. She had wanted to take the child with her, but knew that if she disturbed the child, it might awaken and cry – thus alerting the brigands. So that night, she made a difficult choice and managed to escape without her child.

When the Brigands recovered the following day, they saw that only the child remained. The left the child to the creatures of Dark Wood. However, nature did not see fit to have Awyer killed by creatures within the woods. Instead, the animals of Dark Wood adopted Awyer into their ranks; he was raised by Wolves, Deer, Elk, Squirrels and Owls. He was taught how to hunt by the wolves; how to move quickly by the Deer; how to defend himself by the Elk; how to gather food by the Squirrels and wisdom by the Owls.

Through these various animals, Awyer learned that there is more to the world than what the eyes see. The very trees around him were alive; and if he listened, he could hear them speak. Each leaf that caught the wind a specific way, or the way the stream moved; these were all voices of the land speaking out – wanting to be heard. Using a combination of herbs, Awyer was able to enter trances that allowed his body to see the spirits of the woods.

Awyer used his ability to commune with nature to help protect Dark Wood from those who would come to the woods, simply to kill wildlife or wreck destruction. Through his trances, he was able to teach the trees to move, and the land to defend itself. Because of that, Dark Wood gained a mysterious reputation that spoke of the woods being haunted. Awyer also helped those that were in danger by brigands who often used Dark Wood to hide in and ambush others.

Awyer was eventually approached by Amiee the Armorer, Grayson the Fighter and Peter the Ranger, who had sought out the Druid of Dark Wood for spiritual guidance. Awyer sensed much goodness in those before him and agreed to help them. Using his herbs, he gathered them on an astral journey that reflected on their own lives; providing mysterious clues to the answers they sought. Believing they had discovered what they needed, they thanked Awyer and left.

Awyer smiled. The Dragon of Silverlake was an abomination that he could feel tainting the land, even from miles away.

Several weeks later, Peter sent a messenger to Awyer thanking him. The Dragon of Silverlake had been defeated. But Awyer already knew. He could sense a balance being restored to the land – the taint of the Dragon of Silverlake’s undead status was gone from the world.

Awyer accepted Peter’s offer to visit the City of Neverending and see the Bar of Destiny, which he and Grayson had opened with the money rewarded to them by the Dwarves of Silver Lake Mountain. While there Awyer met Madame Marie the Mystic, and eventually wed.

Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Blond


WEAPON: Awyer is capable of making an assortment of things using every day herbs, including poison.