Forge Ironbeard

Forge Ironbeard


Race: Dwarf

Occupation: Paladin, Adventurer

Place of Birth: Mount Stoneworkers

Known Relatives: Mother (Unknown Name), Father (Unknown Name)

First Appearance: Neverending Daze – Episode 01: The Real Daze

History: Forge never had the intention of going on any kind of adventure. Early in his life he had heard the calling of his chosen god (although, he would be heart broken to know that it was actually his younger brother beneath his bed talking to him in the dark). So Forge left to become a Paladin (which is exactly what his younger brother had hoped for – for now the room was all his!). Unfortunately, in order to get to the training grounds of the Church, it was a dangerous trek so Forge had grouped with others. However, the few times that the party had gotten in trouble, Forge had refused to heal any of them because of their alignments, and sometimes even because of their class or race! But it was never a racist thing to Forge – it was a part of the Paladin Code. Eventually the party dropped him off in the City of Daze, where he had caught wind of a crew planning to throw a party together. This was his chance to try to finish off his quest to get to the Church to complete his Paladin training…

Height: 4’8”

Weight: 167 lbs.

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Brown

The Hammer of Justice (it’s a regular hammer, but Forge likes to give it a special name).