Solmani the Frost Giant

Solmani, The Frost Giant


Race: Frost Giant

Occupation: Wood Cutter, Slayer of Adventurers

Place of Birth: Mountain of Mirrors

Known Relatives: Unknown

First Appearance: Neverending Daze – Episode 05: Giant Problems

After his wife Rose left him, Solmani was crushed. Eventually even the White Dragon he had, by the name of Fang, left to go rule his own Dungeon (an adventure that may one day yet be told!). Feeling depressed with the reminders in The Mountain of Mirrors, Solmani left the frozen peaks to try to make a new life for himself.

He encountered a giant cat, which had been snared in a trap and freed it and tended to it until it was healthy again. The Cat, far more intelligent than any cat he had ever heard of, followed him faithfully from that moment on. Solmani hoped to begin a new life in the warmer climate, just outside of the City of Daze. It was there he had encountered a Ranger by the name of Galaen. The two squabbled, before the Solmani chased the ranger away. Other than the pesky ranger, Solmani enjoyed the area outside the City of Daze and built a large, wooden cabin. This is where he would start his new life.

Little did he know that he would get small visitors, later on who had hoped to evict him…

Height: 14’6”

Weight: 846 lbs.

Eyes: Blue

Hair: White


Axe of Half Elf Ranger Slaying. No one is sure if that’s what the axe is really called. No one has really cared to find out. Especially Galaen, who has run into Solmani twice now… much to his dismay.