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Be Advised: If you have not watched the Neverending Nights series yet (Season One, Season Two and Season Three) – it is HIGHLY recommended you do not read the profiles, as they may contain MASSIVE spoilers about the series! (So watch the episodes first – then come back and check out the profiles! And don’t forget to tell your friends and family to watch them too!)

Ed the Engraver Ed the Engraver

Ellen The Goblin Ellen the Goblin

Emerald the Green Emerald the Green

Ettin the Exiled Ettin the Exiled

Evil Foo Evil Foo

Farmer Giwgip Farmer Giwgip

Frank the Minder Ripper Frank the Mind Ripper

Frostmourn the White Frostmourn the White

G-Knome the Gnome G-Knome the Gnome

Ga-Nome the Gnome Ga-Nome the Gnome

Gariff The Guardian Gariff the Guardian

George the Mind Ripper George the Mind Ripper

The Goblin King The Goblin King

Grayson The Fighter Grayson the Fighter