Daniel the Determined

Daniel the Determined

Race: Gnome
Occupation: Wizard
Place of Birth: Gnome Mountain
Known Relatives: Mother (Unknown Name), Father (Unknown Name)
First Appearance: Neverending Nights – Episode 17: Heroes Bar & Keep
History: Daniel, as a young gnome, suffered greatly from “The Little Man Syndrome.” As far back as to his early days in school, Daniel had always turned to magic to win a fight (a blind spell here, a fire ball there). He had never intended to harm anyone using his magic, but his over eagerness (and his amazing ability to ramble at incredible speeds) often “disrupted” how a spell was supposed to work – and typically, the results were far more serious than he had intended (permanent blindness here, a burning hospital there). All he had ever wanted was for people to respect him (and cower before his magical might, was a nice side effect). Instead, Daniel was branded as Daniel the Destructive.

Alan the Astounding, a Halfling Wizard, took notice of Daniel the Destructive’s potential, however. Alan (“The Astounding!”) took Daniel under his wing and made him a part of Alan’s Academy (often referred to as “AA”). Though Alan the Astounding did teach Daniel some new magic spells (never to be called “magic tricks”), Alan (“The Astounding!”)’s constant drinking had Alan unconscious more often than not. Daniel the Destructive questioned him, Alan (“The Astounding!”) explained that they would begin working on a magical potion that would change the world. However, Daniel wasn’t fooled. Alan actually had Daniel brewing beer for Alan. Despite this, Daniel actually enjoyed brewing beer and began doing so regularly.

Proud of his brewing skills, Daniel eventually left Alan’s Academy and returned home to Gnome Mountain. Within Gnome Mountain, Daniel was approached by a human, adorned in black armor, with a red dragon crest on his chest (he also carried a massive staff, with a red dragon claw holding a crystal at the top). The human told Daniel that he too, like Daniel was a mage, and that he could help Daniel’s brew become even more tasty. Daniel believed him and allowed the man to tamper with the barrels of Daniel’s brew.

During the Brew Fest, it was Daniel’s beer kegs that exploded as Daniel entered the room and cast a simply Dazzle Spell to mark his entrance. The explosion was so massive that it left an enormous crater at the top of Gnome Mountain (the incident heard around the world as “The Explosion Of Gnome Mountain”). Remarkably, no one was hurt, other than a slight case of short term memory loss that Daniel experienced; however, Daniel’s title as “Daniel the Destructive” returned. When Daniel examined the barrels of beer, he discovered that magical runes had been placed on them, so that a simple spell would ignite them. Someone had set him up for failure; however, thanks to the short term memory loss, he did not recall the mysterious figure who had tampered with his barrels of beer, just before the explosion.

Ashamed of the damage he had caused, Daniel the Destructive once again left Gnome Mountain. He wanted to go out into the world and show that he was a good person. That he was capable of great deeds.

It was because of this, Daniel’s life would take an interesting turn. While at the Docks of Port City, Daniel met Andrea the Assassin. Andrea seemed initially annoyed by Daniel’s presence (and constant rambling), and when she excused herself and returned a short while later, she seemed much more friendly and warmed up to Daniel. She explained that two people had stolen a very magical sword from her, and that she needed it back. Daniel recognized his as his chance to do good and make amends, and prove, once and for all, he was a good person.

Little did he know that Andrea was an Assassin for the Crimson Draco Legion; the very same army who served the Crimson Dragon, and had been responsible for the barrels of beer exploded in Gnome Mountain.

Daniel had agreed to help Andrea, and the two of them embarked on their quest to hunt down Peter and Grayson. Along the way, Daniel began to question Andrea’s intentions, as she seemed to have an unusual cruel streak at times. However, there was no doubting her courage as she faced down an Eye Tyrant in the Plains of Desolation. When they encountered the goblins in the Stonefrost Caves, and learned that Peter and Grayson had just passed through; she commanded Daniel to cast a spell that would encourage the goblins to help her. Daniel had merely meant to summon a Earth Elemental that would take part of the Dance Off; and had it won, the goblins would be forced to help. However, Daniel’s magic was still wild and uncontrollable and the Earth Elemental began attacking the goblins instead. Albert, Bob and Charlie all agreed to help Andrea and Daniel.

Later, when Evil Foo killed two additional goblins that had agreed to come along – Ellen and Dink – Andrea immediately in turn, killed Evil Foo. Daniel thought that perhaps Andrea was not so bad after all since she avenged the fallen goblins. (However, Andrea was simply annoyed that someone had killed her servants; she did not do it for revenge or justice, but because she had been inconvenienced).

When Andrea and Daniel finally caught up to Peter and Grayson, it was revealed that Grayson and Andrea had been dating a long time ago in Galana – and a Silver Dragon appeared during the conversation. The Silver Dragon, sensing that a spell had been blocking a part of Daniel the Destructive’s memory, easily removed the memory dampening spell, allowing Daniel’s true memory of the events of Gnome Mountain to return. Rather than teleporting them all to the Crimson Mother Dragon, Daniel teleported Peter, Grayson, Pawl the Dorf and the Silver Dragon to her, leaving Daniel and Andrea in the cavern alone. Daniel confronted Andrea about her being a member of the Crimson Draco Legion; the very legion that had tampered with his barrels of beer, that caused the explosion of Gnome Mountain.

Andrea was ashamed of all that she had done and asked for Daniel’s forgiveness; which he gave her. Andrea gave Daniel a scroll that explained everything the Crimson Draco had done; including the tampering of Daniel’s beer barrels. Daniel took the scroll and returned to Gnome Mountain, where he was cleared of the damage and began the rebuilding of Gnome Mountain, where his peers now called him Daniel the Determined.

Daniel couldn’t help but wonder – what had the Crimson Draco Legion hoped to accomplish by blowing the top off of Gnome Mountain? That part of the scroll had been blacked out, so that not even Andrea knew their intentions…

Eyes: Brown
Hair: Bald

STAFF: Daniel the Destructive has a magical staff. If he knows how to properly use it remains unknown.