Dimi the Demented

Dimi the Demented

Race: Human
Occupation: Former Bard
Place of Birth: D’mensia
Known Relatives: Mother (Unknown Name), Father (Unknown Name)
First Appearance: Neverending Nights – Episode 45 – A Friend In Need
History: Dimi is a human from the distant land of D’mensia. Seeking to travel the world, Dimi took up becoming a bard. He traveled with a circus called ‘The Black Flood.’ It was during this time at the Circus that he met ‘Steve’ – a person that no one, except for Dimi can apparently see or even hear. Steve claimed that he worked for the Order of the Silver Dragon, and that there was an urgent mission that he needed Dimi for. Dimi, who was arguing with Steve – though no one else could see or hear this ‘Steve’ – eventually made the people of the Black Flood Circus so nervous, that they had him fetch some firewood in the Dark Wood Forest – but quickly left him behind. He returned to the empty camp where the Black Flood had been.

Steve insisted that this was fine; that Dimi was destined for much more. However, when Dimi entered the next closest town; the townsfolk were weary of him, news of his “insanity” from the Circus that had just passed through, preceded him. Dimi finally gave up arguing with ‘Steve’ and began doing as Steve requested. Dimi began trailing what seemed to be a woman named Andrea, the Assassin. Steve insisted that she was an agent of the Red Dragon, Crimson – which was ridiculous to Dimi – since Dragons had not been seen for thousands of years. Still, she wore armor that bore the crest of a Red Dragon. Dimi was there, in the shadows, when Andrea the Assassin questioned and then killed a weapon vendor in the City of Stonefrost. She was asking about a Magical Sword; and from the sounds of it, it was the legendary (and once again, thought to be fictional) ‘Blade of Destiny’ – forged to specifically kill Dragons.

Dimi began to believe that Steve was right. Perhaps there was Dragons in this world once again. Dimi continued to follow Andrea the Assassin, until one day she suspected that she was being followed and set up a trap. She snared Dimi as he stepped onto magical runes. Encased within the magical prison, Andrea the Assassin approached him and smiled. “You’ve been following me for some time, bard,” she had said. “I suspected it, but could not be sure. I set this trap, in case someone was following me. Now, it shall banish you to another dimension entirely. Fare well.”

Dimi was transported to the Crimson Draco Prison. When Ruth the Redeemed had come seeking to free Peter and Grayson, she learned that Amiee the Armorer had already freed them. Ruth the Redeemed released all the prisoners to incite a rebellion against the Crimson Draco Legion, which was already reeling from the loss of Crimson, the Red Dragon. Dimi was about to make his escape, when Steve insisted that they go down a different hallway – where a glowing stone hoovered in the center of the room. Steve apparently told Dimi that his destiny lied elsewhere now and that Dimi had to touch the stone. Dimi, though leery of the idea of touching a glowing stone did so – and with that, Dimi vanished – and when he awoke, he saw a sign that said, “Welcome to the City of Ambertread.”

Dimi’s destiny, or what it is that Steve has “foreseen” for him, remains unknown.

Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown


INVISIBLE FRIEND: Dimi had become attached to an invisible friend by the name of ‘Steve.’ However, when Dimi was transported by the magical stone, he and Steve became separated.

NOTE: While the character’s name is Dimi, and he was a part of the Black Flood, which sounds like it might be ‘Dark Tide’ – they are two different characters. You should, however, check out the adventures of the other Dimi and the rest of the Dark Tide at: The Dark Tide Website (A Neverwinter Nights Machinima by Travis Richards).