Crimson Captain

The Crimson Captain

Race: Human
Occupation: Captain of the Crimson Draco Legion
Place of Birth: Fiezur
Known Relatives: Mother (Unknown Name), Father (Unknown Name)
First Appearance: Episode Fifty: ‘Destiny or Chance?’
History: Very little information is known about the Captain of the Crimson Guard. The only thing known about him before his life as a member of the Crimson Draco Legion, is that he hailed from the distant shore of Fiezur. Under the ruthless and horrid rule of Komp’khaun, a barbaric and idiotic king, the man whose name time has forgotten stole a small sailing boat one night and sailed for new lands. A storm of incredible magnitude blew him off course, and set the small sailing ship sailing into the much feared waters of the Scarasea Oceans, where thousands of shipwrecks pierced the dark oceans, like jagged claws reaching out of the ocean. His skip was overcome by pirates who took him and beat him relentlessly, simply for the sake of entertainment. However, one night, the man whose name time has forgotten – broke free, and murdered the captain of the ship and took over. Thus begun the days of his name simply being known as ‘The Captain.’

His ruthlessness on the seas captured the attention of the Red Dragon, Crimson, who attacked his ship and slammed it into a small, abandoned island. She killed his crew and offered him a chance to either die on the small island or to become a member of her Crimson Draco Legion. The man accepted the position within the Crimson Draco Legion, surprised to see that dragons ever existed (they had not been seen by the eyes of Mortals in several thousand years). He quickly rose through the ranks within the Crimson Draco Legion. Within a year, he was Crimson’s most trusted agent. She trusted a scroll to him that spoke of a highly urgent mission.

The Crimson Captain, as he had been promoted to, ventured to Gnome Mountain where he spoke to a Gnome there named Daniel the Delightful. He told Daniel that he could help his brew become even more tasty (for the Gnomish Brew Festival). Daniel believed him and allowed the man to tamper with the barrels of Daniel’s brew. During the Brew Fest, it was Daniel’s beer kegs that exploded as Daniel entered the room and cast a simply Dazzle Spell to mark his entrance. The explosion was so massive that it left an enormous crater at the top of Gnome Mountain (the incident heard around the world as “The Explosion Of Gnome Mountain”). Remarkably, no one was hurt – as that had not been the intention.

The Crimson Captain was searching for something that had been buried – seeking to awaken something – something that had been noted in the scroll given to him by Crimson. When it did not yield the results he had hoped for, he returned to Crimson.

When Crimson was defeated and killed by Peter and Grayson, it was the Crimson Captain who led the manhunt to track down the two. It was in the City of Pomtom, where the Captain of the Crimson Draco Legion suspected Gariff and Kabewse of being Peter and Grayson, since they wore the same colored armor. This was the first – time, confirmed – that the Knights had ever removed their helmets. Whatever the Captain of the Draco Legion saw in their faces, was enough to give him pause – and in the end, excuse them. Amiee the Armorer had contacted Ann the Armorer, in the City of Ator, to make armor that was exactly like Gariff and Kabewse’s, and was able to easily bypass the Crimson Draco Legion hunting party – who believed it was the two Knights that they had previously questioned.

The Crimson Captain still leads the Crimson Draco Legion, who has vowed to one day have their vengeance against Peter and Grayson.

Eyes: Unknown
Hair: Unknown


WEAPON: The Crimson Claw Staff. This Staff is supposed to grant the owner the same powers as the Crimson Dragon.