Hank the Mind Ripper

Hank the Mind Ripper

Race: Mind Ripper
Occupation: Devourer of Brains
Place of Birth: Netherblack
Known Relatives: Mother (Unknown Name), Father (Unknown Name)
First Appearance: Neverending Nights – Thirty Six: Mind Over Matter
History: Hank the Mind Ripper, along with his two closest friends, Frank and George, fellow Mind Rippers fled their home of Netherblack, because they felt it was just too dark and depressing. (Not to mention the selection of brains to devour was becoming pretty slim pickings!) The trio of Mind Rippers decided to take refuge in Smirkwood, a large forest known to generally make people happy (this was due to the pollen within the forest which often caused those traveling through it to experience sheer moments of bliss, thus the name “Smirkwood” because everyone always had a smirk when leaving the woods). This “bliss” effect often allowed the trio of Mind Rippers to ambush the unsuspecting travelers through the woods.

The trio of Mind Rippers is discovered by Peter and Grayson, as well as Pawl (who at this time had been reincarnated into a Minotaur). They found that they could not possess the three would be heroes (Peter’s mind was too blank, Grayson’s mind had the fiery sword protecting it, and Pawl’s mind still appeared to be a dwarven mind). The three Mind Rippers agreed to let the three heroes go, on the promise that they never speak of seeing the Mind Rippers in the forest.

As it would turn out, Grayson put a bounty on the three Mind Rippers once the Dragon of Silver Lake had been slain – forcing the three Mind Rippers to return to Netherblack, where their fate remains unknown.

Eyes: White
Hair: None


MAGIC: Like all Mind Rippers, they are able to possess victims and devour their brains, gaining the knowledge of their victims.