Race: Unknown, Presumed Half-Elf
Occupation: Unknown, Presumed Mage
Place of Birth: Funkatron
Known Relatives: (Unknown)
First Appearance: Neverending Nights – Fifty-Six: Funkafied!
History: Lamont is an interesting paradox. While he appears to look like a Half-Elf, he claims that he is from another world called Funkatron, and that somehow when he was transported, he was stuck in the human form that he can’t seem to escape from. He claims that the “Elf” side of him is from the Funk Magic of his own world and how it was “translated” in this world – the human half is the magic trying to disguise him for survival sake.

Regardless of Lamont’s questionable origin, he wear outlandish clothing with clashing colors, and constantly speaks about his “Funk.” However, when he says “Funk” he does not mean in an insulting manner, rather it is something that drives his magic (on his homeworld, or so he claims). While in a tavern, he overheard Grayson speaking to Amiee about not being sure why everyone seems to adore Peter over him. Lamont began rattling off about how Grayson’s “Funk-Level” was low, and thus the others in the tavern and bar were picking up on it. Lamont continued to explain that Grayson needed to “Funkafy” himself and that it would raise his “Funk-Fu.” Lamont then explained that he could see Grayson’s true heart – and that he saw that Grayson was not interested on hitting on women, because his own heart was already spoken for, whether he realized it not.

Grayson left Lamont alone and returned to Amiee, explaining that he thought everyone was crazy.

Lamont continues to look for “Vinyl Records” so that he can return to his “homeworld.”

Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blonde


WEAPON: Lamont claims to channel magic he calls “Funk-Fu” – the higher his “Funkafied Level” the more powerful his magic.