Charlie the Goblin

Charlie the Goblin

Race: Goblin
Occupation: Former Dancer, Adventurer
Place of Birth: Stonemountain Caves
Known Relatives: Mother (Unknown Name), Father (Unknown Name)
First Appearance: Neverending Nights – Episode Eleven: Deep, Dark, Revenge (This Is How We Roll)
History: Like all goblins from Stonemountain, Charlie grew up a dancer. But that’s not what Charlie wanted out of life. He yearned for a sense of adventure and exploring the world beyond the Goblin Caves – to go beyond The Bridge. Albert disagreed with Charlie – and believed that Charlie having his head in the clouds only meant that he was going to trip over his own two feet eventually. Bob didn’t mind Charlie’s yearning for adventure, as long as it didn’t get him in trouble. For as long as he could remember, he has been friends with Albert and Bob. The trio grew up together, forging a very strong friendship. Life, over all, had been easy for all the goblins of Stonemountain Caverns. Their only concern was attacks from bugbears (trolls!) – but to ensure that no such attack happened, they always had one person out on Bridge Watch.

One night, while daring to cross the Bridge while it was his turn on Bridge Watch – Charlie was surprised by a Pawl the Dorf who had entered the caves. When Pawl the Dorf saw Charlie, he screamed “Bugbear!” sending Charlie into a panic (thinking the bugbears had managed to sneak into the caves). Seeing no Bugbears, Charlie returned to where he saw the Dwarf, only to find the Dwarf gone. He did however, find the Dwarf’s map on the floor. Charlie made no mention of what he did as he swapped shifts with Dink, who took over Bridge Watch duty.

Later that night, when Dink’s shift was over and he had not returned, Charlie grew concerned that perhaps Bugbears had managed to get past the bridge and do something to Dink. He encouraged Albert and Bob to go with him to investigate why Dink hadn’t returned from his shift. Albert tried to dismiss the concern by explaining Dink was notorious for leaving as soon as his shift was over – sometimes even sooner to go and “study magic.”

Figuring they would investigate what had happened to Dink, they eventually found him, nearly passed out on the floor, where he explained to them that he had been ‘Out-Danced’ by a Dwarf and two companions (a human and a half-elf). Charlie suspected he knew who this Dwarf was – it had to be the same one he saw at the entrance. But that Dwarf was alone – so who were these companions?

The trio dragged Dink back to the dance floor where he slowly recovered.

Unbeknownst to Charlie and the others, things were set in motion that day that would change all of their lives.

Albert, Bob and Charlie would end up encountering Andrea the Assassin (the name she was going by at the time) and Daniel the Destructive as the duo were pursuing Peter and Grayson. Andrea the Assassin forcibly recruited the assistance of the Goblin trio with the use of Daniel the Destructive’s magic. Along the way, the trio of goblins complained and conspired to escape Andrea the Assassin’s ruthless control. Eventually, Ellen and Dink the Goblin were also recruited into Andrea the Assassin’s growing army of goblins. Dink and Ellen, however, met an untimely demise when Evil Foo killed them just to show how “evil” she was.

Andrea the Assassin, however, in turn, killed Evil Foo for what she had done – not that she cared about either Ellen or Dink, but mostly because the smaller army inconvenienced her. This, however, convinced the other three goblins to remain with Andrea the Assassin, until she finally caught up with Peter the Ranger and Grayson the Fighter in the home of the Crimson Dragon. In the confusion, the trio (Albert, Bob and Charlie) escaped and attempted to return home; only to discover their home had fallen under a new Goblin King, who had a glowing red sword and suspiciously glowing eyes. Suspecting that magic was involved, the trio investigated further – and discovered a bugbear (or perhaps a troll – that is still up for debate!) – had disguised itself and over thrown the original king. The three goblins were imprisoned and sentenced to death – only to be rescued by Ellen (whom they had resurrected off screen!)

Ellen remained to lead the freedom force against the new Goblin King, while the other three sought out Peter and Grayson to help them over throw the new ruler. The trio caught up to the two heroes outside The City of Neverending, where Peter met with them and agreed to help them, leaving with Annette the Archer who had freed herself from the Crimson Draco’s prison after the death of the Crimson Dragon.

Eyes: Black
Hair: None


BOW: Charlie uses a non magical bow.