Ed the Engraver

Ed the Engraver

Race: Human
Occupation: Engraver
Place of Birth: Koskey
Known Relatives: Mother (Unknown Name), Father (Unknown Name), Ann the Armorer (Wife), Eloise the Elegant (Daughter), Dexter the Delightful (Son)
First Appearance: Neverending Nights – Episode Fifty-Two: ‘These Aren’t The Heroes We’re Looking For.’
History: They say there may be none as skilled as Ed the Engraver, when it comes to engraving objects. His ability to put such fine detail into every object – no matter the size, has even caused some jealousy among the Dwarven Community, because this is typically their specialty. Kings and Queens all across the lands and various kingdoms, hope to have their wedding rings or crowns etched with the fine engraving talent of Ed the Engraver. It was on such a journey to the land of Tollkeen, that a mysterious storm waylaid Ed the Engraver and forced him to take cover in a small hamlet known as Northern Stonepark.

He took shelter in a small eating establishment called “Ancient Succession.” The small hamlet of Northern Stonepark, which rarely saw visitors was now packed with travelers who were forced to take shelter from the onslaught of the mysterious storm. While he was there, he tried to make way for the women, so that they might have a seat first – when he bumped into someone. Clearly the small eating establishment could not hold these people for days. He turned to the woman and bowed slightly and asked, “My apologies, my lady, my name is Ed the Engraver. Might you have any idea where I might take shelter for the night, until the storm passes?”

He was rather shocked by the woman’s expression. One might have thought that she saw a ghost. What he did not know is, that this woman had just been told several weeks before that she would run into a man by the name of “Ed the Engraver” in this very establishment.

Ed the Engraver had taken shelter at The Stone Work Inn. But the following morning, when the weather had cleared and the other caravans were leaving Northern Stonepark – he did not go with them. Instead he sought out Ann the Armorer to thank her. As it turned out, he never left. Instead, he stayed to get to know her better, and in time, asked for her hand in marriage. With her armor making abilities, and his sharpened skill at engraving – the two of them began traveling, and eventually opened a business in Pomtom. And once again, years later, Dean’s prophecy had come true, when Amiee the Armorer had approached her and asked about making special suits of full plate armor.

Ann the Armorer and Ed the Engraver eventually wed, and had a daughter by the name of Eloise the Elegant, and later a son by the name of Dexter the Dashing.

Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown


WEAPON: Ed the Engraver wields a magically hammer called Milnur which was said to be enchanted by the Goddess, Nen herself, which allows Ed to create such beautiful objects with amazing detail.