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Be Advised: If you have not watched the Neverending Nights series yet (Season One, Season Two and Season Three) – it is HIGHLY recommended you do not read the profiles, as they may contain MASSIVE spoilers about the series! (So watch the episodes first – then come back and check out the profiles! And don’t forget to tell your friends and family to watch them too!)

Hank the Mind Ripper Hank the Mind Ripper

Hannah, Daughter of the Salt Vendor Hannah the Hopeful

Isiah the Gnoll Isiah the Gnoll

Jake the Gnoll Jake the Gnoll

John the Journeyman John the Journeyman

Kabewse The Knight Kabewse the Knight

Kane the Gnoll Kane the Gnoll

Lamont Lamont

Lady Lorraine Lady Lorraine

Madame Rainbow Madame Rainbow

Pawl The Dwarf Pawl the Dorf

Peter The Ranger Peter the Ranger

Poppy The Salt Vendor Poppy the Salt Vendor