Goblin King

The Goblin King

Race: Goblin (Kobold)
Occupation: Supreme Ruler of the Gobling Nation
Place of Birth: The Dark Caverns Of Goblin Kind
Known Relatives: None Known
First Appearance: Neverending Nights – Episode 49: Return of the Goblins
History: The Goblins rejoiced in never truly having any type of leader or ruler. They simply lived to enjoy themselves (which most frequently meant dancing to some funky beats!) However, their cavern home was a shortcut between two massive mountains and frequently used by adventurers seeking to get from point A to point B as quickly as they could. As a result, the adventurers often mistook the goblins for “evil, cave dwelling creatures” and slaughtered them every time they passed through. A guard was finally placed at the bridge that connected their cavern to the main entrance – and the guard was meant to signal the other goblins to hide if anyone was ever spotted. One such time, when Dink the Goblin was on guard, Pawl the Dorf, Peter and Grayson had all entered the cavern. Pawl had managed to talk Dink into a dance off and succeeded in defeating Dink with his dancing skills. Dink promised the three would be heroes safe passage. Later, Albert the Goblin, Bob the Goblin and Charlie the Goblin all went to go find Dink and discovered that he had let non-goblins pass into their realm.

Eventually, Andrea the Assassin and Daniel the Destructive would come into the cavern, tracking Peter and Grayson and slaughtered many of the goblins. Andrea forced Albert, Bob and Charlie into servitude. In all the confusion, a Kobold who had observed all of this took on the guise and used magic he had found that had fallen out of Daniel’s pockets to proclaim himself “The Goblin King” and began ruling over the goblins.

The (false) Goblin King would eventually capture and imprison Albert, Bob and Charlie later for abandoning their posts; though the three goblins were later freed by Ellen the Goblin (who they had resurrected only seven days before). The four of them escaped the goblin caves and sought out Peter and Grayson, the only heroes they knew, to help them dethrone the false Goblin King and restore freedom to the goblins. They found Peter outside the City of Neverending and he agreed to help, along with Annette the Archer. Together they made their way back to the goblin caves.

What happened next remains untold.

Eyes: Red
Hair: None


WEAPON: The Goblin King has a magically sword that a woman in a lake apparently gave him. It glows red in the presence of goblins, and thus, is always glowing.