Ellen the Goblin

Ellen the Goblin

Race: Goblin
Occupation: Former Dancer, Adventurer, Rebel Leader
Place of Birth: Stonemountain Caves
Known Relatives: Mother (Unknown Name), Father (Unknown Name)
First Appearance: Neverending Nights – Episode 29: The Plan
History: Like all of the goblins of Stonefrost Mountains, Ellen was born a dancer. All of the goblins enjoyed dance; it was all they ever did if they weren’t on Bridge Watch Duty. Ellen however, yearned for something else. There was something inside of her that told her that there was much more to life than simply dancing day in and day out (Editor’s Note: although, goblins have no real sense of ‘day in, day out’ since they live in a cave and have no accurate way to track of the passing of time; but that’s neither here nor there, and probably something for a later time).

At any rate, Ellen was drawn to Dink, who often (against regulation) ventured outside of the Stonefrost Caves and into Stonefrost City itself. Things took a change however, when Dink suddenly came into possession of a Staff of Magical ability and some books that he had apparently gotten from a dying Halfling Wizard. (The Halfling Wizard, as it would turn out, was not dying after all; but merely so intoxicated that he had lost consciousness – and it was none other than Alan the Astounding). Ellen began seeing a change in Dink; his obsession with Magic became darker. He began speaking to himself with a higher frequency (as if the amount of talking he did to himself wasn’t already alarming).

When Dink didn’t return from Bridge Watch, Albert, Bob and Charlie went to the Bridge to find him panting and wheezing for breath. After asking Dink what had happened, they brought him back to the Goblin Dance Floor and put Ellen the Goblin on Bridge Watch.

The trio dragged Dink back to the dance floor where he slowly recovered.

Unbeknownst to Ellen and the others, things were set in motion that day that would change all of their lives.

Albert, Bob and Charlie would end up encountering Andrea the Assassin (the name she was going by at the time) and Daniel the Destructive as the duo were pursuing Peter and Grayson. Andrea the Assassin forcibly recruited the assistance of the Goblin trio with the use of Daniel the Destructive’s magic. Along the way, the trio of goblins complained and conspired to escape Andrea the Assassin’s ruthless control. Eventually, Ellen and Dink the Goblin were also recruited into Andrea the Assassin’s growing army of goblins. Dink and Ellen, however, met an untimely demise when Evil Foo killed them just to show how “evil” she was.

Andrea the Assassin, however, in turn, killed Evil Foo for what she had done – not that she cared about either Ellen or Dink, but mostly because the smaller army inconvenienced her. Albert, Bob and Charlie had enough money to resurrect one of them – and only one. It was unanimously agreed that Ellen should be the one to be resurrected; Dink after all, had been turning further and further to the “dark side” and muttering to himself more and more about Magic and Conquering the World. The goblins opted to have Dink reincarnated. When Ellen was resurrected, they explained to her that she had to escape (since Andrea and Daniel believed that she was dead) and get back to the goblin kingdom – that there was something big that was about to go down. Dink’s reincarnation led Dink’s soul entering the Staff of Magic which he had taken from Alan the Astounding.

Ellen returned home, only to find that a new ‘Goblin King’ had taken over the throne. Ellen mustered up a small revolt of goblins to over throw the new ‘Goblin King’ whom she suspected was using magic to disguise himself and not even a true goblin.

After the defeat of the Red Dragon, Crimson, Andrea released Albert, Bob and Charlie from service. The trio returned to their goblin home, only to be immediately enslaved as ‘conspirators against the throne.’ (This confused the trio, as when they left there was no goblin king at all!) Ellen rescued the three of them from prison and insisted that they go fetch Peter and Grayson, since they had managed to kill the Red Dragon, perhaps these two heroes could help defeat this false ‘Goblin King.’

Eyes: Black
Hair: Black


SWORD: Ellen uses a non magical sword.