Boom the Devil

Boom, The Devil


Race: Devil

Occupation: Devil, Ruler of Border Castle

Place of Birth: Hades

Known Relatives: Unknown

First Appearance: Neverending Daze – Episode 03: Beauty Is In The Eye of the Beholder (a.k.a The Devil Made Me Do It, Part One)

There isn’t too much known about Boom, The Devil. The one tiny fact that is known is when he came to the Prime Material World (that’s the world where us mere mortals lived), he came here with one thing in mind – to wipe out every single Beholder that has ever existed. And to his credit, he did exactly that.

The “reality show” that came through original had scoped out the dungeons of Border Castle and had heard there was a Beholder that guarded a massive treasure. (Naturally, due to health reasons – the reality television crew never ventured into the Dungeon itself – they just told the adventurers that there was a Beholder somewhere down there). So imagine the party’s surprise when they found a Devil (by the name of Boom) in the place of the Beholder!

Boom’s reasoning for destroying all the Beholders, to this day remains unknown. And everyone really, really doubts that he’s the “good devil” he claims to be…

Height: 8’7”

Weight: 666 lbs.

Eyes: Red

Hair: None, Spikes Instead.


Boom is a Devil. So he has horns. And talons. And a snazzy little tail.