Farmer Giwgip

Farmer Giwgip

Race: Human
Occupation: Farmer
Place of Birth: City of Neverending
Known Relatives: Elwyn (Father), Brook (Mother)
First Appearance: Episode Fifteen: ‘Reach Out With Your Feelings…’
History: Farmer Giwgip had spent his life raising pigs. Though he knew most would end up on someone’s dinner table, he always bonded with each and every pig he raised. One day, a runt had been born in the litter of pigs. For the time, Farmer Giwgip took it in with him and cared for it, knowing that it would not survive on its own against its siblings who vied for food and their mother’s milk. Farmer Giwgip merely intended to care for the little pig until it was big enough to fend for itself; however, he became more and more attached as the weeks went by. Soon, the pig was big enough to fend for itself, and he knew he would have to sell it for money – the pig’s fate – which he had named Pigwig – for its unusual amount of hair on its head that resembled an odd looking wig – would end up on someone’s dinner table.

When he put the pig in the barn with the others, he was alarmed the following day when there was a note stuck within a spider’s web just above where he had kept Pigwig that read, “He’s Been Stolen.” Farmer Giwgip searched for days for Pigwig. Delirious for lack of food and water as he roamed across the Endless Wastelands – he suddenly stumbled upon Pigwig – who had been magically summoned by Peter the Ranger only moments before. Farmer Giwgip rewarded Peter and Grayson and immediately left, leaving the two would be heroes, rather puzzled by where this farmer had suddenly come from.

Farmer Giwgip returned to the City of Neverending, where he realized his attachment to Pigwig expanded to all pigs. He now raised pigs, and rescued them, for a living.

Eyes: Brown
Hair: Auburn


WEAPON: Farmer Giwgip carries no weapons; but Pigwig is a massive pig now who has no problem defending Farmer Giwgip.