Alred:  Timothy Buddell
Dimi Nished:  Christopher Escalante
Ensign:  Rochelle Richards
Herald:  Tawmis Logue
Snafe:  Travis Richards
Assassin: Chris Gabennesch
Captain of the Guard: Robert Pedersen

Travis Richards

Travis Richards
Rochelle Richards

Music and Audio:
Christopher Escalante
Travis Richards

Art and Cartography:
Chris Gabennesch

News and Updates:
Rochelle Richards

Game Engine:
Neverwinter Nights (Bioware/Atari)

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Community Content:

The Dark Tide would not be possible (or quite as epic) without the amazing Neverwinter Nights community.  Listed below is the content and creators with a link to the source on the NWVault.  This list will remain updated as the series progresses.  If new content is implemented into our filming module, it will be added to this list.

Community Expansion Pack
The Community Expansion Pack is an amazing free update to the Neverwinter Nights Game.  It was groundbreaking in the NWN Community and has earned a spot in every module builder’s toolbox.  No other hak can stand up to what the Community Expansion Pack has done… and the amazing thing is that the community is behind it all.

WoRm’s 9 New Tilesets
The Neverwinter Nights Community is truly luck to have this available.  It is a compilation of community content into a free expansion pack that is available on the NWVault.  A great thanks from the Dark Tide to WoRm for this amazing contribution to the community.

Alternate Combate Animations v4.0
Ragnarok has outdone himself with this one.  This installation spiced up the visual in our episodes and took us away from the rather lifeless combat scenes that come standard with Neverwinter Nights.  Thank you Ragnarok!!!

Lodrezzon’s Supersets
A collection of amazing tilesets and other commodities to go along with them.  All that can be said about these is: ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS.

Gavin’s Tilesets
Some of the best underground tilesets available.  They give a true feel versus the typical fantasy vibe that tends to be overdone in the video game world.

Tiberius Morguhn’s Fable Weapons
Fable had some amazing and unique weaponry.  Face it, the textures are just awesome, and we greatly appreciate Tiberius Morguhn for figuring out a way to bring them to NWN in a way that doesn’t conflict with other haks.  Tiberius Morguhn, you are awesome.

PC Maniac’s Crusade Tileset
Very well put together tileset that fit the theme of a particular city in the Northland perfectly.  I was worried about creating this city until I found this tileset.

Nanosphere Skypacks
Without this hak, certain scenes would definitely lack something.  These skyboxes give a depth to the scenes and would not be the same without it.  They allow the visuals to breathe and add color to the scene.

Arcane Space Tileset
As seen in Episode 02 – Expulsion, this tileset gave the ability to create the final scene in the episode.  It is very minimal with subtle features that allowed the Crew to float as if they were actually in the Arcane Weave.

Rogue/Assassin HAK
This has to be one of the coolest haks available for Neverwinter Nights.  It will play a main role in the series as it developes.  There are conflicts that don’t allow the entire implementation of this hak into the system, but it has been worked out to use part of it, because it is definitely worth it!  -UPDATE- Thanks to Henesua on the Bioware Social Network for introducing me to his update to this hak which allows it to be compatible with the filming module.  Thank You.