Craig the Commander

Craig the Commander

Race: Human
Occupation: Captain of Atorian Guard
Place of Birth: Ator
Known Relatives: Mother (Unknown Name), Father (Unknown Name), Poppy the Salt Vendor (Wife), Hannah the Hopeful (Adopted Daughter), Katie the Kid (Adopted Daughter)
First Appearance: Episode Fifty-Eight: ‘VisionQuest’
History: Craig the Commander was born in Ator and joined their military force when he was very young. He quickly rose through the ranks with his determination and ability to write policies that were very thorough and beneficial for the Atorian Guard. Within a few short years, he rose to the status of Commander – the youngest Atorian to do so. When a mysterious sand storm brought larger than life tumbleweeds blasting into Ator – it was Commander Craig who led the fight (believing it had been the work of some evil wizard).

When an old man, with silver eyes and silver hair, named Dean came to the City of Ator and warned them that a blue dragon, by the name of Cobalt was near by, none – save Douglas – listened to what the old man had to say. Admittedly, Douglas, like the rest of the City of Ator, thought the old man was suffering from Dry Madness – a madness that sweeps those who have been lost too long in the desert without proper food and water. After all, there had been no dragons seen for thousands of years upon the World of Mortals. Still, Douglas reported what the Old Man with Silver Eyes had said to Commander Craig. Vern had tried to stop his brother Douglas from bothering the Commander with such news, not believing any of it to be true.

However, a few short years later, the blue dragon Cobalt made its attack on the City of Ator – none were ready. Still, Commander Craig was at the front of the line, ready to die to defend his city. It wasn’t until Dean, the silver haired, silver eyed wizard changed into the form of a silver dragon and roared – that it startled the Blue Dragon enough to drive it away. The City of Ator immediately enforced a draft, led by Commander Craig, to help protect the City. The Wizards of Ator, worked feverishly now – rather than seeking ways to improve their powerful spells – to crafting magical items against such magnificent and terrifying beasts. Douglas was one of the first soldiers to rise in the ranks under Commander Craig’s leadership.

Several years later, unbeknownst to Peter and Grayson, because they had taken money out of the Wishing Well, it had indeed hampered Poppy’s travels. A mysterious sand storm suddenly appeared and erased all evidence of the path that she had been on. Lost, she ended up encountering all the animals that Peter had previously summoned in the desert outside of the City of Ator.

After several weeks of not hearing from her mother, Hannah the Hopeful, took the money that Peter had given her and gathered her young sister and headed for the last known location Peter had mentioned seeing her mother – the City of Ator. After two weeks of travel, she arrived in the City of Ator to discover her mother had left several weeks ago. She put out a reward in the City of Ator to help find her mother. Commander Craig of the City of Ator Army answered the reward and gathered men to find Poppy the Salt Vendor.

Commander Craig found Poppy in the Stormpeak Mountains – the supposed home of the Blue Dragon, Cobalt. They safely retrieved her and returned with her to the City of Ator. When it came to collecting the reward from Hannah, Commander Craig refused the award and said that he had done it because someone needed help – not because he had wanted the reward. Poppy the Salt Vendor refused to let Commander Craig leave without accepting something – so, the two of them went on a date where they discovered they had several things in common and bonded very closely.

Before long, Commander Craig became a steady member of their family – finally, officially proposing to – and marrying Poppy the Salt Vendor, and adopting Hannah and Katie as children of his own.

Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown (Though Sometimes If The Sun Is Right He Appears To Be A Ginger)


WEAPON: As Commander of the Atorian Guard, he has a wide assortment of magical swords at his disposal.