Diane The Drinker

Diane the Drinker

Race: Half-Elf
Occupation: Former Vineyard Owner
Place of Birth: Graypso Rath
Known Relatives: Mother (Unknown Name), Father (Unknown Name), Rudy the Ravishing (Husband), Reade the Radical (Son)
First Appearance: Episode Fifty-Four: ‘Back By (Somewhat) Popular Demand.’
History: Though many call Diane ‘The Drinker’ – in truth, she was a former vineyard owner and one of the most respected wine tasters in all of the land. Diane once owned the largest grape plantations, creating her unique flavor of wine called ‘The Stolen Kiss’ – named so, because whenever the glass left your lips, you wanted to taste it just one more time. Many tried to ascend to her level of wine making, even trying to somehow mimic the same flavors – but none ever could. As such, other vineyards often requested her presence to come and taste their wine – and see how they could improve it. When a specific wine met Diane’s standards, she would say, “That kicks rocks!” (Implying that the wine was great). Little did she know that this saying would eventually become a phenomenon and spread like wildfire. Mostly, because these other vineyard owners wanted to be like her.

However, the day would come where her life would drastically change. Trolls, from the Northern Wastes, ravished the lands in Grayso Rath, destroying her vineyard and forcing her to flee. Her reputation as the most respected vineyard owner however, always provided for her. There was never any city or inn that did not welcome her and provide a place for her, as she made her rounds tasting various wines. After all, if Diane was in their city, it often attracted others to come and see which wines she enjoyed; and that wine, instantly become one of the most expensive wines!

During her travels, from city to city, she met a Halfling wizard by the name of Alan (“the Astounding!”). She had heard of Alan (“the Astounding!”)’s ability to drink, so she had hoped to talk to him about what flavors of wine he enjoyed; however, he had no money for drinking, since he was seeking two thieves who stole his magical pouch that supplied endless amounts of gold. Diane recalled the two he described asking for directions to the City of Pomtom. Alan thanked her and said he would return one day so that they could celebrate his victory by buying a round of drinks (or two, or three, or four…)

Alan the Astounding kept his promise; he eventually caught up with Grayson at The Bar of Destiny, which Grayson had opened after the defeat of the Dragon of Silverlake. Grayson felt bad for the inconvenience he had inflicted upon Alan the Astounding, and offered him free drinks for life at the bar. Alan took the time to explain that he had met Diane the Drinker, the most respected wine taster in all the land. Grayson sent messengers to contact her and inform her that they would be honored to have her make wine at the Bar of Destiny.

Diane was excited to not only make wine once again; but to be given several hundred acres of land to grow the grapes again, just outside the City of Neverending. While at the Bar of Destiny, it would seem the bar took on its name – as a young man named Rudy the Ravishing came in one night, seeking a glass of Diane’s fine wine. However, The Stolen Kiss this time, came from Diane as she fell in love with Rudy the Ravishing.

In a few short years they were married, and Diane gave birth to their son, Reade the Radical.

Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Auburn


SKILL: The most skilled wine maker and taster in all the land.