John the Journeyman

John the Journeyman

Race: Human
Occupation: Journeyman, Trainer
Place of Birth: Crestfallen Nether
Known Relatives: (Unknown)
First Appearance: Neverending Nights – Sixty: But I’m A Lover, Not A Fighter
History: John the Journeyman left his homeland of Crestfallen Nether to travel the world. Seeking to enhance his fighting skills, he learned from various, well known fighters – which included various types of sword fighting skills, such as one handed, two handed, fencing, Kendo, and other exotic weapon styles and weapons. While traveling across the barren lands of Tattooeion, he encountered an old wizard named Alek O’Wand. (John the Journeyman was pretty certain that the wizard had changed his name to O’Wand, as a reflection of him being a mage and probably was not his true birth name). Regardless, Alek O’Wand informed John the Journeyman that he actually knew John when he was first born, however John’s father never cared for Alek and never trusted him because of his magic. However, when John’s father passed, his blade had been given to Alek O’Wand to hand down to his son when the time was right. Alek had told John, “I have something that belongs to you. Your father wanted you to have it when you were old enough. He never trusted me, because of my magic; this sword is also magic, and your father feared it would corrupt you if given to you at a young age, and that you might follow me on some damn, fool, idealistic mission.” When he had handed the magical sword, with the green, pulsating blade, he added, “I have had a vision that you will play an important role in this life. The day will come where you will train one, just as I will train you in the ways of using magical swords.”

John the Journeyman trained faithfully with Alek O’Wand, until the old man had finally said, “It is time for you to move on. You are ready.” The last thing he said, before going to sleep forever was, “Remember to take one in as I have taken you in. You were lost. Another will come to you, lost as you were. Take them in train them. Embrace them. They may just do something great later on in life.”

John the Journeyman buried Alek O’Wand, unsure what to believe from the old man’s many tales. He eventually came to a large city wall called Stonewall, where a young boy tried to rob him. John the Journeyman captured the young boy and was about to turn him over to the authorities, when suddenly he heard Alek O’Wand’s words, about taking in another who was lost like he was. John the Journeyman began training David the Delinquent in the ways of swordsmanship, giving the young boy something to focus on.

John the Journeyman would later be approached by Peter, Grayson and Amiee. He agreed to teach Grayson the many different forms of sword fighting that he had learned in his travels.

Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown


WEAPON: John the Journeyman uses a green, glowing, magical blade, said to be able to cut through anything, so long as his will power willed it.