The Dragon of Silverlake

Race: Dragon
Occupation: Terminator of potential adventurers and heroes
Place of Birth: Unknown
Known Relatives: Unknown
First Appearance: Episode Sixty-Three: ‘The Fall Of A Hero’
History: There is shrouds of mystery that surround the infamous Dragon of Silverlake. Much of the problem stems from various heroes and bards, all sharing potentially false information about the Dragon of Silverlake. There were stories, for hundreds of years; some stating that the Dragon of Silverlake had been killed, and there was so much treasure to be claimed, that people – to this very day – were still able to claim thousands of pieces of gold to their name, with no need to go back – while many others were claiming that they had family and friends, who were seasoned adventurers that never came back from where the legendary dragon dwelt, leading to the speculation that the Dragon of Silverlake was anything but dead.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of heroes perished trying to find out if the Dragon of Silverlake was alive or dead. Many lied and said they had found the dragon dead, and found treasure; some said they found the dragon alive, killed it, and found treasure, thus perpetuating the confusion as to whether the dragon was alive or dead.

It was not until Peter and Grayson tracked down the infamous Dragon of Silverlake that they realized (despite the conflicting stories they had heard also on their adventurers) – that technically, both stories were correct. Whatever the Dragon of Silverlake was before, is unknown – no one knows if it was already an evil Chromatic Dragon, or a Metallic Dragon that was slain and enslaved into becoming an undead Dragon Lich, which it broke free of, and now ruled the mountains around Silverlake.

The Dragon of Silverlake was neither alive, or dead – it was undead. Grayson had rushed to attack the Dragon of Silverlake, but was killed. Peter tried shooting arrows, but the Dragon taunted him saying that only the Blade of Destiny and the bloodline bound to it, could harm him. Being Grayson’s half brother (sharing the same father), Peter picked up the Blade of Destiny and killed the Dragon of Silverlake, once and for all. Using a potion given to him earlier, Peter was able to restore Grayson’s life, and explained that it had been Grayson who killed the dragon, but had been rendered unconscious.

Eyes: Red
Hair: None, pure bone.

Accessories: Undead has a lot of benefits. No one cared to ask though.