Isiah the Gnoll

Isiah the Gnoll

Race: Gnoll
Occupation: Guard
Place of Birth: Onyxhovel
Known Relatives: Jake (Brother), Kane (Brother)
First Appearance: Neverending Nights – Forty: Something’s Not Quite Right
History: Hailing from Onyxhovel, Isiah, Jake and Kane were tasked with finding a guard to protect their cavern home. The three of them ventured out into the world and found many adventurers would try to kill them, rather than listen to their chances of handing out employment. During one such instance, the trio traveling into a lower caverns that they deemed “Guk” – combining “gooey” and “yuck” since the floor was covered with an odd slime. It was there, they discovered most of the creatures were undead (and thus no suitable guards could be found here!) – one of the undead attacked them, but they managed to defeat the frenzied ghoul who wore and odd, flowing, black, silk sash. They decided to take the weird sash and leave the caverns where they finally encountered an Ettin by the name of “Ettin the Exiled” who agreed to become their guardian.

However, the Ettin did not prove to be a very good guard. The Ettin had unknowingly been “tricked” for lack of a better word by Peter, Grayson and Pawl (in the form of a minotaur at this time), by forcing the two heads to argue with one another, allowing the trio to quickly run by. Later, even Andrea, Daniel, and the three goblins (Albert, Bob and Charlie) had managed to get by the Ettin with no problem.

Isiah told Kane to go check on the Ettin to see if it was even alive, because it was allowing so many people into Onyxhovel. Unfortunately, Kane would end up possessed by Pawl the Dorf, after the minotaur form perished on a trap. Pawl had possessed Kane for some time, until Andrea the Assassin caught up with Peter, Grayson and Pawl and she back stabbed Kane, killing the gnoll and releasing Pawl’s spirit, yet again.

Isiah and Jake found Kane’s body much later, when he had not returned from checking on the Ettin. Perhaps even more strange was Kane’s spirit was hanging out by his own body, explaining to the disbelieving brothers, that a Dwarf had “shoved” him out of his body and possessed him – and now that his own body was dead, he had no way to return to his body – or any body! Isiah and Jake vowed not only vengeance against the one who killed Kane, but also sought a way to get Kane back into his body – or any body!

Where they are in this quest, remains unknown.

Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown


WEAPON: Isiah uses a non magical bow.