Atheyalouse, The Giant Feline Terror


Race: Cat (Giant)

Occupation: Mighty Mouse Slayer (Though not Mighty Mouse, himself)

Place of Birth: Brookemere

Known Relatives: Unknown

First Appearance: Neverending Daze – Episode 05: Giant Problems

Atheyalouse’s problems started as a young kitten. Raised in Brookmere, which happened to be infested with wererats – she was constantly finding herself being tormented. However, as the years passed, and Atheyalouse grew into her true size – a giant cat – the wererats realized that she was eventually going to be a very big problem (and that was literal)! Opting to instead lure her into a trap, Frang, the leader of the wererats left her there to die.

Atheyalouse however was found by Solmani, who had just left the Mountain of Mirrors to find a better life. Seeing that Atheyalouse was in need of help, Solmani freed the giant cat from the trap and nursed it to health. Realizing that Atheyalouse and Solmani were both in need of a new life, the giant cat became a loyal pet to the Frost Giant.

Solmani built a giant log home just outside the City of Daze, where Atheyalouse was quite happy to be living. Their home was broken into one day by a bunch of would be adventurers on a “reality show” – which is where, Atheyalouse for the first time ever, encountered a barbarian (whose name was Thurg). Despite Thurg’s best efforts, he ended up being batted around the wooden cabin like a brand new cat toy. It remains unknown if Thurg and the others ever escaped…

Height: 11’4” (on all fours), 19’3” (on its hind legs)

Weight: 487 lbs.

Eyes: Green

Hair: Orange with streaks of various colors


Kitty Claws. I am pretty sure it doesn’t need to be explained beyond that…