Big Al

Big Al

Race: Human
Occupation: Designer
Place of Birth: Se’airuh
Known Relatives: Mother (Unknown Name), Father (Unknown Name)
First Appearance: Episode Fifty-Five: ‘All Time ‘Lowe’.’
History: Big Al hails from Se’airuh, a small village surrounded by mountains. When a young bard by the name of Larry came to Se’airuh, Big Al felt a connection with the bard. He followed the Larry the bard to several inn and taverns, where he wove comedic tales, earning the name Larry Laughter. Most of the bard’s tales spoke of how he went to the City of Neverending and lost his wages at a Casino run by gnomes, followed up his heroic deeds fighting Master Evil in a living volcano on some obscure island. The bard’s tale went on to say that he made his way through a bamboo maze. It’s the next chapter of the bard’s life where he apparently blacked out and forgot a portion of his life. When he had recovered, he found himself working at a brothel trying to recruit women. Realizing this wasn’t the life for him, he had gone out and tried to get in shape before leaving on a pleasure cruise. Big Al listened to this bard name Larry Laughter, and all of his hilarious stories, and thought to himself, “This might make an interesting game.”

So Big Al ventured forth in search of others to help recruit in the production of such an idea. His adventures took him through a mountain pass called Tore In Passage which led to a Dragon’s Keep. Within this fabled keep he listened to a troll’s tale about two knights who had rescued a maiden in distress. The trolls had been thankful for running into a frontier pharmacist named Freddy, who had provided help to the trolls.

Big Al realized, there was a lot in this world that could be turned into several games. Big Al, now a well traveled salesman, trying to pitch his game – encountered Peter and Grayson at one of the taverns he had been visiting. He spoke briefly to Grayson, offering words of advice on how to score with the ladies.

Big Al has been looking for Larry Laughter again, in hopes of learning more about the bard’s adventurers.

Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black, Balding.


WEAPON: Big Al has a wicked tongue and cheek sense of humor.