Dave The Invisible Stalker.

Dave, The Invisible Stalker

Race: Invisible Stalker
Occupation: Spy for the Starless Legion
Place of Birth: Old Lanta
Known Relatives: Mother (Unknown Name), Father (Unknown Name)
First Appearance: Neverending Nights – Episode 44: “Seeing The Unseen”
History: As an Invisible Stalker, David was recruited by the Black Dragon, Obsidian to be spy. Obsidian had suspected that her sister, Crimson was becoming overly greedy (as well as too powerful) as she continued to spread her influence over the land. Obsidian sent David to penetrate her defenses and gather as much information as he possibly could. David had successfully spied on Crimson and her growing Legion several times, until dumb luck and misfortune landed David in a locked cell. A glowing, magical weapon had captured David’s attention that had been left in a cell. He had gone in to investigate the magical item, when one of the Crimson Draco Legion saw the prison door open and – without realizing it – closed it on David, trapping him within the cell. David knew he could not make any protest or noise, or else it would give up his location and reveal himself.

He made several attempts to escape the prison cell over the many years that passed; but there was never enough room to squeeze by and make his escape. He had hoped that Obsidian would send someone to rescue her most loyal spy – but that day never came. So there he rotted away in prison, forever trapped – knowing that if he said anything to give away his location, he would be tortured and killed by Crimson.

He even attempted to escape when Peter and Grayson were rescued by Amiee the Armorer; but even she had shut the gate behind them, trapping David within his cell once again. When Ruth the Redeemed came, seeking Peter and Grayson (to help them) – and discovered that they had already been liberated by Amiee, Ruth freed all the other prisoners to form a rebellion and help her and Pawl the Dorf escape in the confusion. However, seeing no one in that cell – she never opened that cell door.

It is believed, to this very day, David the Invisible Stalker remains trapped within that cell.

Eyes: Unknown
Hair: Unknown


POWER: David, as an Invisible Stalker, is permanently invisible.