Thurg Wolfrunner

Thurg Wolfrunner


Race: Human

Occupation: Barbarian, Adventurer

Place of Birth: Icy Wind Vale

Known Relatives: Mother (Unknown Name), Father (Unknown Name)

First Appearance: Neverending Daze – Episode 01: The Real Daze

History: Thurg Wolfrunner was like no other barbarian in his – or, perhaps – any tribe. Thurg began to speak at the early age of two; speaking in full sentences, using six syllable words that baffled his parents, as well as the tribe elders. It was taken as an ill omen that Thurg was speaking in the manner that he was – so, one dark night, during a chilling ritual – Thurg, at the age of four was placed on a floating piece of ice and sent down the river. It was several days later that a passing wizard had seen the young baby and pulled him from the freezing river. The wizard was immediately enchanted by the child’s abilities to explain everything that had happened to him in a clear manner. The wizard tried to show Thurg how things worked over the years, but Thurg was picking it up faster than the wizard could teach him. Over time, the wizard grew frustrated with Thurg’s vast intelligence and ability to know everything. Sensing that his adopted father was growing desperately furious at Thurg, he asked what the reason had been. When the wizard explained that Thurg was too smart, and knew everything, that it had frustrated him. Thurg asked if it would be better if he had pretended to be a “dumb barbarian” to which the wizard had said yes. So Thurg set out into the world as a “dumb barbarian” – only playing the part of idiocy so that he might earn some new friends. That’s when he heard about the ‘reality show’ and knew this was his chance to meet some people…

Height: 7’5”

Weight: 360 lbs.

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown


Axe of Skull Crush. Unlike the others, Thurg’s weapon seems to be legitimately enhanced by magic – whether it was by the wizard that raised him or if Thurg got it somewhere else remains unknown.