Beeyewtee the Beholder

Beeyewtee The Beholder

Race: Beholder
Occupation: Guardian of the City of Desolation
Place of Birth: Everdark Mountain
Known Relatives: Mother (Unknown), Father (Unknown)
First Appearance: Episode Twenty: ‘Variety Is The Spice Of Life… And Death.’
History: Beeyewtee is a Beholder that was born deep in the mountain’s depths of Everdark; a land far beneath the surface, deeper than even the Dwarves dare go. It is said that there are unspeakable horrors that dwell in the lands of Everdark. Beeyewtee attempted to stop Malum the Malicious, another Beholder, who went to the surface world and brought destruction upon the City of Desolation. Malum the Malicious used its vile magic to twist and change people, so that they would attack themselves. Those who resisted died of a horrible disease. Malum used his magic to burn the city down to the ground, and curse the land so that once a month, the undead rise from their grave. Fireflies, drawn by the magic, gather in the City of Desolation, adding a bright light to the undying flames that Malum had cast upon the city.

When Beeyewtee caught up with Malum the Malicious, she managed to destroy him. However, with his destruction the curse was not broken. The City still burns and the undead still rise once a month. Feeling responsible that she could not stop the curse, Beeyewtee took it upon herself to guard the City’s entrance from those who might foolishly try to enter or pass through the cursed city; for those that die within its city walls are bound by the same curse, to rise again – as a part of the undead – once a month.

As time passed however, Beeyewtee slowly became corrupt by the foul magic that cursed the City of Desolation. Soon, she was just as vile as Malum the Malicious had been. When Andrea and Daniel encountered Beeyewtee the Beholder, just outside the City of Desolation, she had threatened to destroy them – however, it was Daniel who noticed something deep inside Beeyewtee’s eyes. She was not truly evil, as she appeared to be. Something inside of her was good. Daniel stopped Andrea from killing Beeyewtee and managed to reason with the Beholder that they were on a mission to stop some thieves who had stolen Andrea’s blade; and that they would one day return and help break the curse of the City of Desolation. It is said, that is where the saying, “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder.”

Eyes: (10 Eye Stalks) Pink (Charm Person), Dark Green (Charm Monster), Black (Sleep), Light Blue (Telekinesis), Grey (Flesh/Stone), Green (Disintegrate), Red (Fear), Yellow (Slow), Deep Red (Cause Wounds), White (Death) and Center Eye – Purple (Anti Magic)
Hair: None


WEAPON: Another than a row of massive teeth, Beeyewtee’s eyes stalks each have an ability to cast a specific spell (detailed in the EYES).