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Be Advised: If you have not watched the Neverending Nights series yet (Season One, Season Two and Season Three) – it is HIGHLY recommended you do not read the profiles, as they may contain MASSIVE spoilers about the series! (So watch the episodes first – then come back and check out the profiles! And don’t forget to tell your friends and family to watch them too!)

Charlie The Goblin Charlie the Goblin

Christin The Chambermaid Christin the Chambermaid

Cobalt the Blue Cobalt the Blue

Conner The Kid Conner the Kid

Craig the Commander Craig the Commander

Crimson Captain The Crimson Captain

Crimson Draco The Crimson Draco

Daniel The Destructive Daniel the Destructive

Dave The Invisible Stalker Dave the Invisible Stalker

David the Delinquentn David the Delinquent

Dean The Dragon Dean the Dragon

Diane the Drinker Diane the Drinker

Dimi the Demented Dimi the Demented

Dink The Goblin Dink the Goblin

Douglas The Guard Douglas the Guard