This is a historical copy of the Neverwinter Nights Podcast. We did not do the Neverwinter Nights Podcast, but we were on two episodes. (See the About page for more), but the folks behind the podcast were such a great influence to the Neverwinter Nights Community. The podcast series ended with 200, and the site was eventually retired and went away. However, through some resourcefulness (Archive.org) I was able to find a great majority of them, and then I reached out to Brian over on Realms of Trinity (you should really check it out; they’ve created an amazing, in-depth NWN2 persistent world) he was able to get me access to the episodes I was missing – and a few forum members were able to get me the last two that seemed missing!

Who were the NWN Podcast? Here’s information I grabbed from their site (using Archive.org) to give credit to the folks that did this incredible podcast (note: I can’t verify if said email addresses still work, for those that have one listed next to their name).

NWN Podcast Staff

Below is a list of the hosts of the Neverwinter Nights Podcast and a short profile of each of them.

Brian S. Bloom – Executive Producer, Host, NWN2 PW Game Creator (Email)

Brian has played Dungeons & Dragons for over 15 years since the TSR “Gold Box Games” days. He has played Neverwinter Nights since 2004, and is the lead area builder, scripter, and game creator for the Realms of Trinity. He is extremely versed with the NWN2 Toolset and the mutiplayer experience.

Ben H. / Aroen Teneklyth – Co-Host, ROT DM (Email)

Aroen has been playing almost every type of video games most of his life (for better or worse). Shortly after discovering NWN2, Aroen found Realms of Trinity and has never left since. He plans to always help all adventures of Realms of Trinity as good of an experience as possible.

Jastin / Wazmaster – Co-Host, ROT DM (Email)

Jastin has been playing D&D and other RP games for over 20 years, in both tabletop and video game formats. He has played many online games but spent the most time on Ultima Online. He played NWN2 for a bit before finding Realms of Trinity (July 2009) and has been hooked since then. He wants to do what he can to help make this great server even better and will see you in Trinity.

Douglas P. Bowser / Celundir – CO-Host, ROT Head DM (Email)

Doug has played Dungeons & Dragons for over 20 years, and has 15+ years running and participating in table top campaigns. He has played Neverwinter Nights since it’s inception, and is very versed with the online enviornment and its subtleties.

Zeus aka -Z- Scripter, Co-Host, ROT DM (Email)

Zeus has been playing video games for over 20 years, since the early – mid 80?s. He has been creating custom content for games since the first Diablo and has a good amount of experience with Neverwinter Nights and its toolset. He considers himself a “jack-of-all-trades” and can do most things from 3D modeling to scripting. Zeus enjoys roleplaying, but also enjoys the hack and slash aspects of the game. He is not one for looking down on a person who favors one over the other. He aims to help create an environment which is fun, fair and safe for everyone.

Jay Smith – Co-Founder, Guest Host

Jay Smith a married, self proclaimed geek who loves technology, PC gaming, riding his motorcycle, playing guitar and spending time with his family. He is a Senior Programmer Analyst for Tyson Foods, Inc. where he designs and develops enterprise applications and diligently works with others on test bed projects to learn/teach new concepts and designs. You can read more about Jay on his blog http://www.jaysmith.us or follow his tweets at http://twitter.com/jaysmith

Trey Auten – Co-Founder, Guest Host (Email)

Trey has been playing Neverwinter Nights since 2005, then in 2006 when NWN2 was released we founded the NWN Podcast. Real life commitments and job in Information Systems regulates Trey to a guest host, and occasionally comes into the podcast lair to dust and straighten up. These younguns leave a mess sometimes. Still active in the community mentioning the podcast when he can he enjoys RPGs in general.  If I ask you help out with show don’t be shy!

Mike Johnson – Media Producer

Daniel Mahoney – Event Staff