Annette the Archer.

Annette the Archer

Race: Elf
Occupation: Royal Guard to the Silverpine Order
Place of Birth: Silverpine
Known Relatives: Mother (Unknown Name), Father (Unknown Name)
First Appearance: Episode Fourty-Three: ‘Got Some Time To Kill?’ (as R’ubine H’uud), Episode Sixty-Five: ‘Epic-Logue’ (as Annette the Archer)
History: Annette the Archer was a member of the Royal Guard of the Silverpine Order located in the Silverpine Forest, home to the majority of Elves in the land. The entire forest has a tinge of silver to the tree bark and leaves; this is believed to be because of Silver Lake Mountain, located in the middle of the massive Silverpine Forest. Deep within Silver Lake Mountain, the Dwarves have made their home where they forge the world’s largest supply of silver. Much of this silver washes through the many underground rivers and lakes within the mountain, eventually pouring into Silverlake, just outside the mountain. From there, it is said those flecks of silver then seep into the soil, which is then absorbed by the trees.

When rumors of the Crimson Draco Legion growing stronger throughout the land began to surface, L’riq – King of the Silver Elves hand picked several of his most trusted and most skilled Guards to venture outside of Silverpine to gather information about the Crimson Draco Legion. Annette had been one of those picked. Extremely skilled with the bow – said to be the best in all of Silverpine, she ventured out. She found the world beyond Silverpine to be one full of war, mistrust and abused of the land and it’s resources by the Race of Man. She adopted the name R’ubine H’uud, after a local legend she had heard about within the City of Neverending. This would disassociate her with the Royal Guard, in the event anything happened.

For years, she traveled all across the land, stopping at every human town, village and hamlet she came across, attempting to gather information about the Crimson Draco Legion. Little did she know, during these years – the father of the Chromatic Dragons had taken up residence in Silverlake Mountain, driving the dwarves from their rightful home and reigning terror on the elves of Silverpine.

After sometime, she had gathered enough information confirming the growing power and numbers of the Crimson Draco Legion. However, her constant questioning of various citizens also drew the attention of the Crimson Draco Legion, and as she planned to return to Silverpine, she found herself ambushed and captured. She was then brought to the dungeons, deep in the ground, where the Crimson Draco Legion questioned her about her inquiries into the Crimson Draco Legion order. She refused to give any information. Even as more prisoners were brought in – those, like her who were trying to find out about the Crimson Draco Legion – or those who refused to swear their allegiance or resources were brought in by the dozens. Still, she did not trust any prisoner brought in – knowing that the Crimson Draco Legion could easily plant a spy within one of the prisoners, so she maintained her facade of being R’ubine H’uud.

Even when reports of the Crimson Draco Mother – the Red Dragon named Crimson – being slain by two unlikely heroes who were brought in, she did not break her cover. To her, the two who had been brought in seemed very unlikely as people who could slay a dragon. Those two were none other than Peter and Grayson. The Crimson Draco Legion kept Peter and Grayson subdued with magic, attempting to probe their subconscious about the magical sword that had been used to kill Crimson, the Dragon. Most of the Mages who attempted to probe their psyche usually fled or eventually became insane, unable to comprehend the mental barriers the two of them had, apparently.

The two were eventually freed by Amiee the Armorer, who had used forged armor to mimic that of the Crimson Draco Legion. It was not until Ruth the Redeemed had come in search for Peter and Grayson that she freed Annette and the other prisoners to riot against the Crimson Draco Legion – allowing her and Pawl the Dorf to escape and continue their search for Peter and Grayson.

Annette led the rebellion against the Crimson Draco Legion and successfully defeated them. That’s when she discovered that the rumors of Crimson’s death were validated – and that the Dragon had indeed been killed by Peter and Grayson. She also learned that the All Father of the Chromatic Dragon had taken up residence in Silverlake Mountain driven the Dwarves from their mountain home as well as the Elves of Silverpine. She knew in order to defeat the Dragon of Silverlake she would need Peter and Grayson’s help – so she began searching for them.

In the time she sought them out, Peter and Grayson had already gotten the Blade of Destiny reforged by Pawl the Dorf, and had been teleported into Silverlake Mountain, where they had defeated the Dragon of Silverlake. She had finally caught up with Peter just outside the City of Neverending as he was speaking to three goblins (Albert, Bob and Charlie). She decided to join Peter on his quest to help the Goblins, once she learned that the Dragon of Silverlake had been defeated.

Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown


WEAPON: Annette the Archer is said to be the most accomplished Archer to walk the world. There is no target too small that she can not hit with an arrow.