Ronald the Reckless

Race: Human
Occupation:Weapon Vendor
Place of Birth: Ban Ishgone
Known Relatives: Mother (Unnamed), Father (Unnamed)
First Appearance: Episode Nine: ‘It’s Not The Size, It’s How You Use It.’
History: Ronald the Reckless is named so, because, as a weapon vendor – he was more often than not, very reckless how he spoke to customers. Most of his descriptions of weapons were extremely overly sexualized, causing his customers to more often than not take offense. The male customers tended to think that Ronald was hitting on them, and beat him and took the weapon(s) they were interested; the females also thought they were being hit on, and either did the same (beat him senseless and take what they came for; or report it to their significant other, who would find him, beat him senseless, and take what their significant other was asking about). Despite all of that, somehow through some wheeling and dealing, and possibly a bet or two, Ronald came into possession of The Blade Of Destiny, but did not recognize the importance of the blade, and simply assumed it was a +1 Blade of Helping Light. As such, when two customers – Grayson and Peter – approached him in Blackmire City, in search of weapons (since theirs had been destroyed during a battle with the all too rarely seen Ice Cube Monster), Ronald sold the Blade of Destiny to Grayson well below it’s actual worth. A few days later, another person – seeking the Blade of Destiny – having traced it to Ronald, named Andrea the Assassin – discovered that Peter and Grayson had acquired it. Furious (and also offended by his sales pitch of various weapons), Andrea killed him and left him as a spirit.

Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

Accessories: A really bad sense of humor and inability to read people.

Note: Folks who originally watched Neverending Nights when it initially released will remember (maybe?) that this character was originally called Eric the Elongated and voiced by another actor.