Amiee The Armorer

Amiee the Armorer

Race: Elf
Occupation: Armorer
Place of Birth: Sunflower Vale
Known Relatives: Mother (Unknown Name), Father (Unknown Name)
First Appearance: Neverending Nights – Episode 8: On Borrowed Gold
History: Amiee the Armorer was a child who grew up in a world where fashion surrounded her at all times. In the Sunflower Vale, her people ruled the land and the trees. Elves were always dressed up so elegantly. Gowns were always long, sleek, and silky. Fit to perfection at all times.

Amiee had an eye for designing clothing herself. She rapidly became well known in Sunflower Vale for her clothing, and found herself in high demand. Realizing that there was a potential here to dress up the rest of the world, Amiee took her skills on the road. Her skills caught the attention of a mysteriously silver haired man named, Dean, who took her in and helped her hone her skills at her craft. As she grew older and more skilled, Dean explained that the outside world rarely cared about fluffy gowns. The world outside Sunflower Vale was a dangerous one, and so she turned to making armor with Dean’s help. From designing gowns to designing metallic armor, Amiee’s skill increased rapidly as she mastered the craft of making armor with a metal that Dean called ‘Silverscale.’

Still, despite the harsh world outside of Sunflower Vale, Amiee was still an elf. The desire to make elegant gowns could not be taken from her. So Dean, with seemingly an endless amount of money, helped Amiee the Armorer open a chain of stories, throughout a number of cities. Amiee the Armorer took it even further as she invented the idea of coupons, gift cards, and the like – to lure in more customers.

Her stores had gotten so big, that it became more of a production, and she lost the joy of making both gowns as well as armor. Dean assured her that he would hire people to take over and manage her stores; and that she should venture forth into the world and once again make both armor and clothing and sell that at small vending booths, to get a more personal feel that she so enjoyed. Dean assured her that one day, two young men would approach her seeking armor – and that she should keep an eye out for them, as they were destined to do great things – whether they believed it or not. He explained that she would know them by how they explained “how grapes grow.” Amiee the Armorer thought nothing of it, until one day – two would be heroes came to her seeking armor in Stonefrost City. The Ranger, who should clearly know how grapes grow (being all outdoors man like) said that “grapes grow on bushes” – and she corrected him, explaining that they actually grew on trees – which immediately triggered the memory of what Dean had once told her several years ago.

After selling the armor to the two would be heroes, Amiee took a vested interest in them and began following them. How would these two – seemingly incompetent people – somehow save the world?

She nearly lost them a few times, while following them – but picked them up again in the City of Ator, where her good friend Poppy the Salt Vendor explained that she had just seen them both come into the town. (Poppy had previously sold salt to them in the City of Galana).

Amiee lost them again, just inside the caves behind the City of Ator, where they had gone to find and kill a dragon. She did, however, encounter a Silver Dragon, who explained that the two heroes had just left. The Silver Dragon, for some strange reason, seemed strangely familiar to Amiee – but she could not place it. The Silver Dragon recruited Amiee as an Agent of the Silver Draco, and urged Amiee to track and follow Peter and Grayson.

Amiee finally catches up after Peter and Grayson are imprisoned by the Crimson Draco Legion, to be questioned about the Magical Blade called ‘The Blade of Destiny.’ Amiee, dressed as one of the Crimson Draco Legion manages to infiltrate the prison and free Peter and Grayson, making their escape. She learns that the Blade of Destiny’s flame has died out, after Grayson had managed to strike and kill The Crimson Dragon, and that none other than their companion Pawl the Dorf was the one who was destined to reforge the blade. They are reunited with Pawl the Dorf, who was rescued by none other than Ruth the Redeemed (formerly Andrea the Assassin). Learning the art of forging from Sam the Smith, they are transported to the Forge of Eternal Flame by Madame Marie, where Pawl reforges the Blade of Destiny, which is needed to kill the Dragon of Silverlake.

Inside the mountain, the Dragon of Silverlake detects the magical sword’s presence and sends wave after wave of monsters to destroy it and those who bear the weapon, causing the group to separate so that Peter and Grayson can reach the Dragon of Silverlake to put an end to it.

Amiee the Armorer doesn’t how how it happened, only that supposedly Grayson delivered the killing blow (which he doesn’t remember), making them the greatest heroes in all the land. With the riches recovered from the Dragon of Silverlake’s lair, Grayson opens a bar called The Bar of Destiny and hires Amiee the Armorer to design a cohesive look for the bar’s employees. Amiee now owns the largest mall in all of the land, right in the center of the City of Neverending (entitled, The Mall of Neverending).

Eyes: Purple
Hair: Purple

DAGGER: Amiee the Armorer carries a dagger of unknown nature.