G-Knome the Gnome

Race: Gnome
Occupation: Spreading Rumors
Place of Birth: City of Neverending
Known Relatives: Ga-Nome (Brother)
First Appearance: Neverending Nights – Episode Two: 20k?!
History: G-Knome and Ga-Nome are twin gnomish brothers who were born in the City of Neverending. Most of the people who have lived in the City of Neverending often refer to them as “Gully Gnomes” (or “GG”‘s), this is because both of them have grown up on the streets, without parents, and have no respect for anyone or anything – other than their own self amusement. If they manage to cause someone discomfort, misfortune, or lead them astray – the duo is much happier for it. With no parental guidance, they never learned to respect anyone or anything – they try to take what they want – and when that doesn’t work, they try to steal what they want – and finally, if that doesn’t work, they will try to cause misfortune to the one they’re trying to steal from (or annoy them so much that the person simply hands over the item or items they want). The guards in the City of Neverending have stopped arresting them, because the gnomes simply enjoy the free food, water, and roof over their head (all the while taunting the guards relentlessly).

The two of them had overheard Peter and Grayson in the bar, talking about how they need to be heroes and open their own bar. The two discussed an idea and hatched it when Peter and Grayson stepped outside by the well – they purposely walked by Peter and Grayson and mentioned the Dragon of Silverlake (purposely saying it loud enough that Peter and Grayson would over hear them!), knowing the duo would seek out the Dragon of Silverlake – or at least a dragon to try and slay a dragon! As the duo of mischievous gnomes rounded the corner, they could barely contain their laughter. Unknowingly they set Peter and Grayson on a path to a far greater destiny than any could have possibly predicted.

Eyes: Grey
Hair: Brown


WEAPON: An endless amount of sarcasm and insults, always at the ready!