Ann the Armorer

Ann the Armorer

Race: Human
Occupation: Armorer (Not To Be Confused With Smith)
Place of Birth: Northern Stonepark
Known Relatives: Mother (Unknown Name), Father (Unknown Name), Ed the Engraver (Husband), Eloise the Elegant (Daughter), Dexter the Delightful (Son)
First Appearance: Neverending Nights – Episode Fifty-Two: ‘These Aren’t The Heroes We’re Looking For.’
History: Ann the Armorer has lived in Northern Stonepark for a vast majority of her life. In her youth, she was an artist (and referred to as ‘Ann the Artist’), but as she got older she developed a skill creating armor. Under the guide of a mysterious silver haired man named Dean (who never seemed to age, over the years), Ann’s skill at creating armor became legendary. Dean, before leaving, informed her that one day, her services will be called on – and to be ready. Because at a moment’s notice she will need to develop armor that would disguise two would be heroes being viciously hunted down by the Crimson Dragon. (This seemed like crazy talk to Ann, because there had been no dragons in the land for thousands of years!) Dean saw the doubt in her eyes, and simply said, “The one who will request the armor from you will be another Armorer – she will tell you the code, and you will know it’s time.” Still, Ann was not convinced, so Dean added, “Tonight, when you go to Artifact Succession, you will meet a man there – his name will be Ed the Engraver. You two will, very quickly, fall in love with one another.”

As if the talk about Crimson Dragons wasn’t already foolish enough, the idea that Ann would meet someone at Ancient Succession and fall in love was ludicrous. So few people came through Northern Stonepark, and she knew almost everyone – and there was certainly no one named Ed the Engraver, and the chances of someone passing through with that name and title was little to none.

Still, Ann had wondered – how did Dean even know that she was going to Antique Succession tonight to begin with?

While she was at Ancient Succession, it had begun to rain. Travelers, who normally passed by Northern Stonepark without even stopping, were forced to take shelter within the small town now. The once small, barely populated town, was now packed with people. It was there, that Ann the Armorer bumped into a young man, her same age – when he had turned to apologize about bumping into her – her breath caught. He was strikingly handsome. His smile sent her mind spiraling. “My apologies, my lady,” he said, bowing ever so slightly. “My name is Ed the Engraver. Might you have any idea where I might take shelter for the night, until the storm passes?”

Dean had been right – not only had someone by that name and title come through – but by one look into his eyes – she knew she had fallen in love.

Ed the Engraver had taken shelter at The Stone Work Inn. But the following morning, when the weather had cleared and the other caravans were leaving Northern Stonepark – he did not go with them. Instead he sought out Ann the Armorer to thank her. As it turned out, he never left. Instead, he stayed to get to know her better, and in time, asked for her hand in marriage. With her armor making abilities, and his sharpened skill at engraving – the two of them began traveling, and eventually opened a business in Pomtom. And once again, years later, Dean’s prophecy had come true, when Amiee the Armorer had approached her and asked about making special suits of full plate armor.

Ann the Armorer and Ed the Engraver eventually wed, and had a daughter by the name of Eloise the Elegant, and later a son by the name of Dexter the Dashing.


WEAPON: Ann the Armorer has no magical weapons, but supposedly wears magical armor.