Auric The Gold

Auric The Gold
Race: Dragon
Occupation: Gold Dragon, Priest of Blackmire Church (Home of Resurrections, Reincarnation And Rose Carnations)
Place of Birth: Blackmire City
Known Relatives: Sandscale (Brass Dragon – Brother), Stoneclaws (Bronze Dragon – Brother), Skywing (Copper Dragon – Brother), Argent (Silver Dragon – Brother), Platinum (Platinum Dragon – All Father)
First Appearance: Neverending Nights – Thirty: Good Elf… Bad Elf?
History: Thousands of years, the Order of the Dragons – Chromatic (Black, Blue, Green, Red, and White) and Metallic (Brass, Copper, Gold, Silver, and Bronze) swore that they would not influence the World of Mortals. However, the Chromatic Dragons were deceitful in their promise to leave the Mortal World and soon returned to it.

Argent, the Silver Dragon, watched over the world, furious that the Chromatic Order was doing so much not only to influence, but rule over the world. The most powerful of the Chromatic Order was none other than the Red Dragon named Crimson. Her relentless evil influence spread across the land as she amassed an army called The Crimson Draco Legion. Argent fought with the other Metallic Order, saying that sitting idly by was not the right answer; that they too, had to return to the world and do something about the Chromatic Dragons and their evil ways.

Auric was the only Metallic Dragon that agreed with Argent – that something should be done. When Argent left the Realm of Dragons to venture to the World of Mortals – Auric soon followed. As the Dragon of Gold – Auric was gifted with visions of possible futures. He saw the Blade of Destiny enter the hands of the Bloodline and that most of those visions led to Blackmire City.

Auric The Gold

Auric took up the guise of a Mortal by the name of Zoe-Din. Fearful that the would be Bloodline would be hurt or worse – Zoe-Din took on Priestly abilities. As fate would have it, and as his visions had predicted – The Bloodline came to him. It was not Peter or Grayson that had been injured however – it had been Pawl the Dorf. Auric sensed something within Pawl’s bloodline – something he tried to trace back, but could not. Pawl had explained that he had been raised by humans, but that did not seem right. There was more to Pawl the Dorf. Auric agreed to ‘reincarnate’ Pawl since the adventurers could not afford a full resurrection (Auric still felt compelled to not completely over step his bounds by the Oath he had made).

Pawl the Dorf perished a number of times, returning back to Auric’s temple for another attempt at reincarnation, until he finally perished – and by this time, Auric had discovered that Pawl the Dorf came from the long line of Mysticforge Bloodline, responsible for making the Blade of Destiny thousands of years ago, to fight Dragonkin (namely the evil and overly greedy Chromatic Dragons). Auric had come to realize that Pawl’s parents feared that the Chromatic Dragons would come seeking him out and that it was better to hide him among the humans, where he might be safe. The Dwarf’s birth name was not Pawl – that had been given to him by the humans – it was truly Taylor. Auric, against his own Oath, reincarnated Pawl as a Dwarf and reunited him with Peter and Grayson to nudge them along Destiny’s Path.

Auric has enjoyed his time among the mortals, and even after the defeat the dragons Crimson and the Dragon of Silverlake; Auric remains in Blackmire City, under the human guise of Zoe-Din, where he had often assisted the citizens against battles against the undead armies that have marched against it.

Eyes: (Dragon) Gold, (Human) Brown
Hair: (Dragon) Gold, (Human) Brown


NOTE: Zoe Din carries a wooden cross at all times, since Blackmire City has often been marched upon by the Undead Pirates, namely of the Black Sparrow crew, since it is so close to the Scarasea Oceans.