A few Neverwinter Nights things…

Don’t forget, if you have Google+ (which is now open to the public), you can add us:
Neverending Nights On Google+.

The folks of The Neverwinter Nights Podcast are having a Custom Content Contest:
Read about the NWN Podcast Contest Here.

R.A. Salvatore is doing a book tour. See if he’s stopping by your area! R.A. Salvatore helped define the Forgotten Realms world, which Neverwinter Nights is based in.

Travis A. Richards gets some recognition in the Summer 2011 NWN and NWN2 Finalists | Academy for Modding Excellence awards! Well deserved!

The folks of Neverwinter Connections have brought us news that NWVault Is Posting Again! Be sure to join the Neverwinter Connections Facebook Page!

And if you get a chance, come by the Neverwinter Nights Community on XFIRE!

Check out the The Aielund Saga novel which is based off the the mods by the author!

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