The New Year Is Here! Here’s To New Beginnings! And Endings!

With the new year here, and most of the insanity of Holidays and birthdays (near the end of the year), behind me – sometime, in the VERY near future, I will begin working on the final episode of Neverending Nights. The series, pretty much concludes with Episode 64. The final episode (Episode 65) is more of a wrap up and “Where Are They Now?” kind of thing. Which I think is quite fun, how the series turns out and where everyone ends up. You might be surprised for some people’s endings… Where one door closes, another just may open!

If you haven’t already, check out our Facebook Page – I have been posting old episodes, with small write ups for each one, as we build up to the final episode (again)!

For those of you who have hung out with us from the start – or have just barely joined us for our adventure here at the end – I wanted to thank you all, for all the love, support, and views you have given us! It’s an incredible experience to write something, because you love doing it; and voicing it, and making it all come alive – only to find there’s others out there, just insane enough to also enjoy what you have put together. The entire experience has been incredible.

Much <3 to you all. - Tawmis

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