A New All Time ‘Lowe.’

So when I wrote and did Episode 55, my goal was to have one of my idols (Al Lowe) do the voice of the character. The character was very much inspired (visually) by Larry Laffer of the Leisure Suit Larry series. I was floored when Al Lowe agreed to voice the part. I almost didn’t believe it until I got the files and heard Al Lowe’s voice. It was amazing. The man I had idolized for the years of entertainment he had given me through Leisure Suit Larry was actually doing a voice for my own little series. To say I was walking in Heaven would have been a serious understatement.

Well, it looks like it’s my time to spread the word of Al Lowe again! It would seem that the rights for Leisure Suit Larry have been acquired – and they’re rebooting / redoing / reloading Leisure Suit Larry 1: Land of the Lounge Lizards through a Kickstarter Campaign!

In an all too brief video, Al Lowe proves “he’s still got it”…

Consider donating and helping this come true for Al Lowe – and all of us who wish to don on those Leisure Suits at least ONE more time!

And for those who don’t recall the episode Al Lowe was in:

– Tawmis

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