Machinima and Awards and Drinks, Oh My!

As mentioned previously, after PC GAMER UK and our interview on Bioware’s website, we got nominated for Comedy in the 2005 Machinima Awards. We didn’t win, and I didn’t expect to – but it was still a very incredible night.

Especially having Paul thank Adam and I (among others) for making the trek out to New York in 2005….

When we submitted our final screening video, I wanted to make an intro to the Episodes (because we were going to show like Episodes 10 to 15 or something like that; something near the middle of the first season; so I wanted a way to warm the crowd up and catch them up with what to expect)… And here’s that video for the 2005 Machinima:

And here it is (recorded by me on my phone) as it was being screened:

I admit, when Adam mentioned it was open bar and they had Rum and Coke, I may have had a few (and couldn’t operate my camera later that night)…

And may have had some difficultly walking later…

– Tawmis

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