Thanks for 11/23.

Somehow, she has stuck with me – mostly through thick and thin. (Mostly thick – have you seen me lately?)

There have been times where, without ever realizing it, she’s been my pillar of strength. I look at her and think of all the things she has to endure in this life – and how she’s somehow remained strong. Even somehow remained sane.

Her name is Amiee Logue, and she is my wife.

First and foremost, Amiee saved me. When she met me, I feel like I was walking down a very dark path of alcoholic bliss. My father had just passed away, and I moved from San Diego (California) to Tennessee. This is nothing against Tennessee, but Tennessee life just wasn’t for me. I met some wonderful and incredible people through the BBS Community there (Marti, Theressa/Spyce, Carl/Blade, Shane/Schieben, Kelly/Tyu, and so many more that I couldn’t go on naming). But, over all the “Country Life” was not in my life – I was definitely a “City Boy” – and though I moved to Tennessee because I couldn’t afford San Diego (and my sister lived in Tennessee, and got me an apartment in the same complex she lived in for an insanely cheap price – well, compared to Tennessee). But despite having my sister, and some of my family with me – I just couldn’t find happiness in Tennessee.

When Amiee came into the picture, she gave me a sign of hope. She took me out, and showed me that there was more out there. She continuously planned things to keep my mind busy and moving.

After Amiee had moved in with me, a year or so later, I proposed to her and she said “Yes.” (Little did she know then, what she was getting herself into).

A medical emergency brought us back to San Diego. Charles and Tammy (see the thanks on 11/22) opened their arms to us and let us live with them while we got on our feet. We eventually both landed jobs, got on our own two feet and landed our own place. On April 19th, 1997 we were married. Not only was I getting married to the woman I loved; but I was also surrounded by my dearest friends and family. It was such an incredible event. (And such polar opposites; with Amiee’s side of the family being very quiet, very reserved; and then there was my side of the family – namely my mother’s table, with all her Spanish friends – being as loud and crazy as humanly possible). Fifteen years of marriage. We’ve had our ups, down, and side ways days.

But somehow, she has always been there. There are entirely too many memories to go through – because of all the years we have shared together. But she has stood by me. She has endured me. (And I promise you, that is no easy feat. People think I am easy to get along with – you’ve not seen me when I get bored. I promise you, given the chance, Amiee could fill your ears with tales that would strike horror in the hearts of people like Stephen King or Clive Barker. You’re shaking your head not believing it – but I wouldn’t even wish myself upon my worse enemy when I am in a state of boredom).

Amiee has also tolerated my obsessiveness. My uncontrollable collecting of various things (like comics, Star Wars, an assortment of books, Star Wars Legos, figures, and so much more!) And she never shakes her head at me. She just lets me do it. I am not sure there’s many that could endure me.

She’s the strongest woman I know. The weight she has often carried on her shoulders; on those rare days where she broke from it – it never kept her down long. She would rise up again, reborn with renewed strength, like a Phoenix or rising sunrise, as bright, warm and beautiful as before.

So today, I am thankful for Amiee Logue. My wife. She means the world to this old, broken heart of mine.

And not only am I going to thank her today – but, today happens to be a special day. There’s another reason I picked her for today. I am thankful for this day, as well.

You see, this day, some many years ago (though apparently not too many, since she still gets carded!) – Amiee was born.

That’s right. Today is her birthday.

So not only am I thankful for her. But I am thankful for this very day for the world giving her to us.

Happy Birthday! <3 Amiee first appeared in Neverending Nights - Episode 8: On Borrowed Gold.

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