A Dear Friend In Need.

Hello folks.

A very dear friend of mine is in need of your thoughts and/or prayers. Kathleen Zuelch, who is better known as “Tex” from the “Red vs Blue” series posted this:

“You guys are always so helpful and caring and right now I need some prayers. My father has not been feeling well for about 2 months and since my parents returned to Los Angeles in November he has been in a lot of pain. Well last week he went through some tests and they found 2 nodules, one in his lung and the other in his liver. This morning he was in so much pain he asked me to take him to the hospital. My mom and I brought him and he has been admitted for more tests.

Please put prayers out for my dad, Fred.

Thank you all,

Kathleen “

Now to say that Kathleen is an amazing person with perhaps one of the most incredible hearts in this world would perhaps be one of the biggest understatements of the world. I am not even kidding. So, please – if you have a RedvsBlue account – please stop by her journal here – and if you don’t have a RvB account, please take the few moments that it takes to create one and give her your support during these stressful and difficult times. I am sure if there’s anyone in this world who would appreciate it, it’d be her. She’s simply that amazing.

– Tawmis

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