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I’m working on a truly epic project with some very talented professionals to make a web series.  If you can’t contribute, please at least spread the word and share the link!


In an ancient time of magic and mystery, a prophecy is foretold of a princess, who will brave great trials to bring about peace to her world. Dark forces stir against the prophesied child from the moment of her birth, and actions must be taken to protect and conceal her from those who would seek to end the child and the prophecy. After living in relative peace for most of her childhood, times change and hardships befall the kingdom. Her realm is torn apart by war, and the grown princess, Islene consents to marry a prince in hopes of peace. This act sets the wheels of prophecy in motion, bringing her closer to her destiny, and the world of magic. Her journey is one of self discovery and growth, for herself and those around her, including the magical creatures that she encounters. Not everything is what it seems, and prophecies are fickle things. Enemies and friends are everywhere, in this world and the Otherworld. Join Islene on her Quest!


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Here’s the campaign by Lindsay Archer:
OTHERWORLD: Help bring this Epic Webseries to Life
OTHERWORLD: Help bring this Epic Webseries to Life

Created by Lindsay Archer

$80 raised · $5,000 goal · Ends September 25, 2013

Artemis Rising Productions has gathered together its extensive talent and resources to produce an amazing tale, worthy of the Brothers Grimm. However we need your help to get the film rolling on Islene’s journey to the Otherworld.

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